Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Big Catch-Up

So, with everything that's been going on lately, from a funeral to school starting to random medical stuff, I got a little lax in posting pictures.  So here is a big wrap-up from the past two weeks.

First, I don't know if I mentioned that for my birthday the boys gave me a lacrosse stick.  Jacob had been wanting me to have one so I can play with him, and sure enough, that was my present.  Normally I'd be a little annoyed that my gift benefited him (since it seems like he's always getting something new--though most of the time it's stuff he needs like lacrosse equipment or clothes, but still...), but because I know we need more bonding time and I know there was a heartfelt reason behind it, I'm good with it.  I'm not quite at his speed, of course, but we've played a couple times.  The guys also gave me flowers that Jacob picked out. 
I love the hydrangea since that was one of the main flowers at our wedding, but that white one on the left has been so gorgeous and it's still lovely two weeks later!
Craig's parents gave me a pretty fall bouquet with sunflowers in it, but this flower was my favorite!  I am drawn to these wherever we go because they're so intricate and vibrant!

The night before school started, the same night Craig went to the emergency room, I decided we needed a fun night.  We went to the frozen yogurt shop for dinner, then stopped at the playground outside Jacob's new school so he could play basketball and Carter could play.
Such a big kid, climbing the faux rock wall all by himself...

Crazy static hair from the slide!

When did he get so big?!

Being a tough guy...with his school in the background!

Carter climbed this no problem, but wasn't quite sure what to do when he got to the top!

Basketball!  I wish it didn't overlap with lacrosse season because I think he'd do great on a basketball team!  He got a lot of practice at camp this summer.
The next morning marked the first day of school...

Such a difference from when we did this for the first time three years ago!
School seems to be going OK so far.  Nothing outstanding, but not awful either.  He's got a couple kids in his class (though not the top two he wanted) and while he's not enthralled with anything yet, I think this year has some stuff he might really get into.  He's already starting basic multiplication and division, which surprised me.  He had one note home on Friday after getting caught throwing (someone else's) orange peels at lunch.  I think it was a group effort, but he got caught and lost his recess time.  He did better yesterday.  I'm still a bit annoyed with the teacher so far as we haven't gotten a lot of information at all.  I know Jacob is in third grade and should be capable of sharing info, but I think that's wishful thinking with eight-year-old boys.  I'm not clear on our homework responsibilities other than being told we need to sign this notebook every night.  We used to have to read, and some pledge we signed talked about 15 minutes of reading (us reading to our child, though) each night.  So I'm still a little perplexed about that.  I need to email her to mention the Celiac stuff, though we already have food event #1 next Friday, a school-wide ice cream social in which the ice cream is encased in ice cream sandwiches, which of course he can't eat.  Sigh.  Communication has just been minimal, and while that may be something I need to get used to as he gets older, it's hard to stay involved when it's lacking.

Ironically, we're having better communication at Carter's daycare since management has been changed over (again), but things are still pretty inconsistent overall and it's bugging me.  After the owner died a couple months back, we heard NOTHING about it for a long time.  Eventually we got a letter stating that the owner's girlfriend, who was supposed to run it with the owner's ex-wife (the original owner), had left.  Then our director moved up to corporate and we got a new director, who I actually like, but they've been switching teachers constantly and it's making me crazy because I rarely know who to talk to about Carter.  I need to get him out of there, but his behavior has been iffy lately so I worry about a major change.

On the good news front, his Celiac test came back negative.  It was a huge relief, but of course now I need to figure out what might have been causing the stomach issues.  He hasn't complained as much lately, but it's like pulling teeth to figure out when it's bothering him or to get more details.  He's actually had a decent number of potty accidents lately, which may have been bad luck (his sleeping schedule was all off this weekend, and two of the accidents were after accidental late afternoon naps--more in a bit), but I've started to wonder if maybe he has some sort of infection that's not showing many symptoms.  I'm keeping an eye on it and asking lots of questions.

On Sunday we decided to skip the torture of watching the Bills and take advantage of nice early fall weather at a nearby park.  This one normally has a spray park, but that season is over and Carter loved their playground.  He was actually checking out the spray park section at one point, and when I told him where water usually comes out, he high-tailed it out of there!  He had so much fun while Craig and Jacob played basketball, soccer, and football nearby.

He climbed it all by himself, zero help from me.

I love his smiles, but that handsome face is so perfect!

He climbed up through this "tube" and was so proud of himself.

He liked being taller than Mommy!

He did venture back to the spray park long enough to ride the dolphin.

No motion sickness here!  This kid loves to swing!

Another tube to climb up.  This one was high and more complex, and he needed just a little help to figure out how to get from the bars to the platform.  And then he did it about four more times completely on his own.  Amazing to watch him learn.

We finally took a break from the playground to go see Jacob and Craig, who by then were on a nearby soccer field.  Eventually we worked our way over to a bigger football field and the boys turned their attention to kicking field goals.  You can see Jacob in black and red trying to kick one below.  Carter is under the goal post.

Then Craig started kicking.  He did three or four kicks and only made the last one, which was a little shorter.  But he gave it a valiant effort!

We had a nice time at the park, but the weekend in general was pretty exhausting as Jacob had a couple rough patches and Carter wasn't on his best behavior, either.  In fact, both days Carter was watching a show before dinnertime with Craig on the couch and he fell asleep.  And both days, when we finally got him awake again--which was a battle--he was still so tired he didn't bother to get up to visit the bathroom...so yeah, we had a couple incidents, one of which was ON me.  I'm very strongly debating ditching naps at daycare so he will go to bed on time and get a better, more restorative night's sleep.  Hopefully that will help his behavior, which has been pretty up and down at daycare, but we'll see.  I worry about taking away two hours of sleep to gain one, but staying up until 10pm isn't ideal either.  Worth a try, I guess, but avoiding the 6pm conk-out is scary!

I guess the only other thing is that tomorrow morning is my endoscopy, so we'll see how that goes!  More soon...

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