Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekend Update

Last weekend was my 20th high school reunion.  That blows my mind a bit since I don't feel old enough for that to have been 20 years ago.  Yes, high school is finally starting to seem like a very long time ago.  But 20 years?  Eeesh.  Even weirder is it means that it's been nearly 20 years since I went to college and met Mary.  For the longest time she was my best friend that I'd only known for a short time, and now I've known her more than half my life and can definitely consider her an "old" friend.  It doesn't seem possible!  Time really does fly.

Well, before we took all off for Buffalo (separately), we wanted to get in some fun play time on Saturday morning.  But first...I finally remembered to take a picture of our van!

We headed out to a park near our house because Jacob wanted to play basketball.  That's his new thing thanks to a lot of time in the gym at camp this summer.  He wants to challenge one of the counselors to a game, and he's been pretty serious about playing it.  It's part of the reason for his issues at the grocery store last week, because he was very focused on that goal that night, and one of his major distractions was a bin of balls that he was shooting into.  So he wanted to play basketball, and conveniently there's a playground there that we pass by often that Carter points out.  So the big boys went to play basketball, and Carter and I went off to the playground...

He ran around like a maniac, and we had a lot of fun!  Sometimes you forget how much fun it can be to run around a playground!  This one was made for slightly bigger kids so I had to keep a closer eye on him, but he did great.
Always moving!  And running from me!

Top of the big twisty slide!

We played for quite a while, but lunch time was coming quickly and we still needed to pack up for our respective trips to Buffalo, so we headed back over to the basketball court for Jacob's last few shots. 

Meanwhile, Carter was still running around like crazy, down the basketball courts and across to the tennis courts.  This boy loves to run!

Craig and the boys headed off to see his family, and I got some bonus time alone with my parents.  The boys kept him busy for a couple days, but it sounds like they had fun, too.  And apparently Carter took a little too long to eat his Dilly Bar, because his utensil of choice is a straw!

My reunion was interesting.  I knew there was only going to be a limited group of people I wanted to talk to, but I figured it was worth going just for that.  I obsessed over my outfit and told myself the entire time how stupid that was, since I had no one to impress.  My friends wouldn't care and the non-friends aren't worth my why was I worrying about it?  I'd like to hold my own, at least, but beyond that, does it matter?  Anyway, when I pulled into the parking lot of the bar, I panicked a bit when the first group I saw was all popular kids.  I second guessed things for a bit, but finally I went in and found the crew that I was hoping to find, and we settled right back in.  We were pretty cynical, rolling our eyes when the popular girls started taking selfies, and looking around only to find no other group we felt compelled to join.  So we talked to each other and had a blast.  Two of the girls went to another Lutheran school like I did, so we've known of each other even longer than high school, and the third went to my church when we were kids so we went to Sunday School together and were part of the same Confirmation class.  So yeah, there was some history there which probably made it easier to settle back in.  We eventually tried to be social and chat with some other groups.  It was very surfacy, but honestly, it was fine. 

I had said earlier in the night that part of the reason I could shrug this one off a bit was because I didn't really have any guys to impress.  I mean, two of my biggest crushes in high school weren't even in my class, and one of the ones that was is gay.  I saw that one at the last reunion.  Beyond that, there was really only one I knew would never come and another that possibly could, but hadn't RSVPed.  Even still, that last one I sort of made peace with, as shortly after Craig and I had started dating, he randomly contacted me and admitted he probably should have asked me out in high school but let social crap get in the way.  He was pretty popular (an athlete) and I...was not.  We were friends, but it would have been social suicide for him to ask me out, no doubt.  But it was nice to know.  And obviously a couple years later I married Craig, and six years ago he got married (to another Amy....ha!).  I also knew from his very limited Facebook posts that he was a lawyer and had moved back to Western New York, so I guess I figured there was a chance he could be there.  At one point I caught someone walking up out of the corner of my eye, and it was him!  I was pretty shocked, but it was nice to talk with him, and I got to meet his wife, too.  She was super sweet.  Like, so much more down-to-earth than I ever pictured him ending up with.  That's not really a knock on him, but I don't know...sometimes I feel like people with certain jobs or whatever feel pressure to find a certain type of partner.  Maybe that comes from being around athletes with their girlfriends who have "the look".  But anyway, she was great.  And pregnant.  Girl #2 is due in a couple months, so we had fun chatting about pregnancy and delivery and all that.  Seriously, if I lived in Buffalo I could totally see myself being friends with her...aside from the fact that I had a pretty big crush on her husband 22 years ago!  Hehe.

Anyway, my original group of girls made the rounds and talked to a variety of people.  Most were people that were just fringe friends back in school, but it was fine.  Again, I think most of us have moved on so it's just being polite adults at this point.  One of the funniest things was near the end of the night, as a guy came up to three of us and said, "I don't know your names and we didn't hang out in high school, but I'm here to make up for that now!"  He was clearly drunk, but we ended up having a very interesting and entertaining conversation with him.  It cracked us up and is honestly what reunions are all about! 

Around midnight, one of our little group went home, and another one and I followed the crowd to another bar.  It marked the first time I have had a beverage at one of NT's two main drinking strips (Oliver St. is one, Webster St. is the other).  The second bar was crazy busy but we checked it out, had a couple drinks on the patio, and called it a night.

All things considered, it was a great night.  It was good to reconnect with a few people, and it was good to know that not being acknowledged by the popular kids bothers me a heck of a lot less than it did 20 years ago.  Progress is always a good thing.  Will I go back for the 30th?  Probably, but we'll see.  Ironically, my dad went to his 50th reunion (same school, same night, with a few parents of my classmates, no less!), so it was interesting to hear how his experience differed.  Obviously a lot of people look much older than him (the young genes are strong!), and the memories have faded a bit more.  I found it interesting that a lot of my friends claimed to not remember much about high school, whereas I have a ton of vivid, random memories...and apparently that comes from my dad, who seems to have observed and overanalyzed high school just as much as I did! 

Anyway, Sunday was a pretty quiet day since the kids were with Craig.  I went to church with my parents, then we went down to the river to have lunch and walk.  We hung out at home until it was finally time for me to go back to normal life.  We are in the midst of a busy week, if only because Jacob's birthday party is this weekend (finally!), and we have a ton of work to do around the house.  Today I had my office's summer outing at the Red Wings game, and since we got out early, I managed to buy five plants, plant them along my back patio, clear out some weeds from the patio cracks, and vacuum the pool.  I had a blissful 20 minutes floating around the pool in perfect weather before I had to go pick up Carter.  Still so much more to do, but it was nice to get some things done and still have time for myself!  Still more on the agenda, but the quicker it goes, the sooner vacation gets here!

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