Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend of Firsts!

We had a good weekend!  Of course, it started out by finding out on Thursday that my Great-Aunt Lois had passed away.  She was my mom's aunt, the last of her generation, and she was 90.  She'd fallen last week, and she was ready to go to heaven.  So while it was sad, it was a blessing.  With that in mind, I needed to work on finishing my work on Friday so I could take off today for the funeral.  And with a ton of stuff on my list for the weekend, I had to try to cram in as much as I could so I could leave Sunday and make it in for the viewing. 

I started checking off my list Friday night by sorting through Carter's artwork and taking pictures.  I snagged this mask because I realized I never had him model it for me, and this picture cracked me up!

When I put him to bed that night, we had two "lasts"...last time reading in the chair in his room, and last time going to bed in a crib!  Saturday was going to be the big day of moving his bed into his room!  But first, we had Jacob's first lacrosse tournament!  His team has gone to "Lax at the Lake" for the last two years, but because of schedules I would have had to do it alone and I just couldn't fathom it.  But this year things were looking good.  The weather all week looked good, and then suddenly when I checked it on Friday, that area--which is quite a bit southeast of us--was set to have cooler, rainy weather.  Noooo.  We also went back and forth all week about getting a hotel, as it's a 90 minute drive and we had to be there at 7:30am.  But the rooms were expensive and some not that close anyway, so we just sucked it up and woke up at the crack of dawn.  I was up at 5am, Craig at 5:15, Jacob by 5:30, and Carter at 5:45.  We dragged ourselves out the door a little after 6am and started the drive.  It was a little highway driving and a lot of country roads, out into the middle of the Finger Lakes. 

It was cool and damp when we got there, but we settled in and tried to keep warm.  It wasn't awful, but it wasn't pleasant either.  At least the view was nice...
Green hills
Jacob scored the tying goal in game #1, which was nice to see.  After the first game, we headed up to the snack tent to fuel up for game #2.  Luckily I thought ahead and brought gluten-free donuts becaue I saw that donuts were one of the snacks teammates were bringing. 

A teammate's parents own a fabulous donut place, and this is what they brought for the rest of the kids!
Lacrosse donuts!
Game two marked the team's first win of the year!  Also, my mom game to see that game.  She happened to be in Rochester for a weekend reunion with her college dorm mates, and she and her good friend (often referred to as Colin's grandma in this blog a while back) made the hour drive to come watch.  By then the cold had dissipated a bit, which took the edge off.  The rain held off and it started to get a little brighter.  During break #2, we took a team picture...
Jacob is right in front of the coach on the right
By game #3 we were a little disappointed in his playing time overall, but he seemed to be putting in a good effort.  We're wondering if he's just not listening to the coach, or what. 

Digging for the ball...he has a black helmet with red straps
His team tied another game and it was finally time to head out.  Overall it wasn't a bad day!  I wouldn't want to do it in really cold or really hot weather, but it was fun!  We drove to a Pizza Hut in town where we knew we could get gluten-free pizza, had lunch, and headed home.  Clearly it was a busy start to the day!

When we got home, I had a hard time dragging myself out of my chair.  I wasn't feeling great (not sure if it was exhaustion or what), but eventually I dragged myself up and we all went out for frozen yogurt for dinner.  It was part of a week-long fundraiser for school and $5 maximum night.  When we got home, I started working on the big boy bed.  I disassembled the crib, moved all of the pieces to the basement, and then Craig and I started bringing up the pieces for the bed--a basic bed frame, a box spring, the new mattress, and a bed rail.  Plus I had to make the bed.  It was pretty tiring, but eventually it was ready!  The room was super cramped and needed a complete overhaul Sunday, but at least Carter got to sleep in it!  The giggle he put out when he saw the finished product was super cute!

Well, he went down fine, but when I went in to check on him for the second time right before I went to bed, I was stunned when he was nowhere to be found!  It took me a few seconds to realize he was curled up in the tiny space you see on the bottom right of the picture above.  His feet were against the wall, he was all curled up, and he was halfway under the bed!  I have no idea how he got there.  He was sleeping in bed last time I checked him, and then he was on the floor.  The bed rail was pretty high up, but there was still a good for or so of space (about equal to the pillow's width) at the top of the bed, and all I can figure is that he tried to snuggle up on the pillow, rolled off, and somehow slipped past the bar to the floor.  There was only a small space, though, so he could have bumped into the side of the bookshelf...but we didn't hear any cries and he didn't seem injured, so we're just not sure.  We moved the bed rail up further on the bed, and he's been fine since.  Crazy.

I had Carter nap in the Pack 'n' Play in our room on Sunday so I could work in his room.  He was resistant but eventually fell asleep.  I spent a couple hours just rearranging his room.  I moved the bookshelf across the room under the window, moved out our reading chair, its footrest, and a small rocking chair (it used to be mine!), moved a small table from under the window to next to the bed, and moved the soccer ball bean bag chair from Jacob's room to Carter's, since Jacob indicated he was ready to give it up.  So now Carter has a reading corner and a lot more floor space to play.  It'll work for now.  I'm still thinking about moving his bed under the window to open up more wall space for the dresser.  There's not much room regardless, but it's so much better.  I also cleared out a ton of baby stuff and took down the bumper I was using as a wall decoration.  Most of it is sitting in a couple piles to clear out/put away, but it's a start.  I still need to decide on furniture and big boy decorations.  I did find a new quilt for Jacob's bed (plain stripes) so Carter is getting the sports bedding.  He's also getting some sweet Spider-man sheets, so I think his décor might be eclectic!

After the room redo I had to quickly pack a bag and change my clothes so I could head to Buffalo for my great-aunt's funeral.  It was a nice opportunity to see family I haven't seen in a while, including my aunt and uncle from Wisconsin, who are still struggling with their grief after their daughter's sudden death last month.  Obviously it was for a tough reason (again), but family time is so important.  I spent the night at my parents', and the funeral was this morning.  I ran a couple errands on my way home, and we had a pleasant evening at home.  We have another busy week on deck--my race tomorrow (finally), lacrosse Wednesday, baseball game or lacrosse practice Thursday, baseball Saturday, family picnic Sunday.  So much to do!  

Which means it is definitely time for bed!  More soon!

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