Monday, May 2, 2016

Photo Monday

We had a super busy weekend, to the point that I literally only had a couple hours total to sit on the couch and chill...which is definitely NOT enough for a weekend.  However, we're officially entering the time of year where weekends are rarely relaxing, but in exchange we get lots of fun and family time.  Now, if good weather would join the party maybe I'd be a little more enthusiastic about getting off the couch and out of my house!

I've been so busy and tired over the past week that I didn't even bother getting pictures off my camera from last weekend, so I guess I'll start with those.  I took these when we came out of the Knighthawks game last week.
These are the "Wings of Progress" on the top of the Times Square Building downtown, across from the arena.  They're fully illuminated for the first time in a very long time (and I'm a big fan of building illumination), so I snapped a picture.  This is one of a few buildings that made me think Rochester looked like Gotham City the first time I saw it.  It was a dark, rainy night back in college when I attended my first Amerks' game, and in addition to this, there's a building that looks like there's a UFO on top and there's a statue of Mercury on another nearby building.  However, this building is extra cool since it is also where the Rochester falcons currently live :)

This is standing on the Broad St. bridge behind the arena looking over the Genesee River.  I couldn't pass up the bright moon, the blue lighting on the library, and how the blue and yellowish lights reflected on the water.
Fast forward to this weekend, which was non-stop.  We were up bright and early to be at Jacob's lacrosse game by 10am.  It was a cool but sunny morning.  There was a bit of a breeze, but the sun helped immensely.  Carter was silly and squirmy as usual, but he was so cute sitting on my lap at one point that I had to pull out the camera...

Daddy was nice enough to take a picture of both of us, although the two that followed this one made it look like Carter was trying to strangle me!  Carter also took a turn taking pictures of me, though I held the camera.  Those weren't the most flattering angle, but stay tuned...

Jacob got an assist in his game, which was a good start.  He's still laboring a bit on his leg, but we have some exercises and hopefully he cooperates in actually doing them.  He gave Craig a hard time when he tried to show him, of course.  Apparently walking in a figure-eight is too complicated.  Sigh.  But it was good to see him back out there, even if he does have some re-adjusting to do.
Lots of definition in that left calf, but it's still skinnier than the right from certain angles.

He had baseball practice at noon, and he had a very hard time getting convinced to participate.  He was tired, obviously, and told us his leg hurt.  While I don't doubt any of that, baseball practice is a heck of a lot different than a lacrosse game, and knowing his tendencies, we felt it was important to push him on this one.  It was the last practice before his first game Thursday, and if he gets the idea he can complain his way out of practice, it's a chore to get him to another one.  He was slow to start but eventually got his rhythm.  It was fun to see him pitch, and he made a lot of contact with the ball when batting.  He just needs to get some extra power behind it, which is tough when you can't keep any bulk on your body! 

Meanwhile, Craig had to go to work for the last Knighthawks' home game of the season, so I had to keep Carter occupied for two hours!  Luckily a picnic lunch killed a good half hour, and we spent much of the rest racing up and down the path and wandering around the concession building.  At one point I pulled out some Swedish Fish (left over from my trip) and he was showing them off while eating them...

He conked out on the way home, but he woke up a little too much when I tried to transfer him into the house, so his sleep was short-lived.  I left him in his room to rest for a bit anyway, to give myself a little time to rest, then gave up and let him watch a couple shows before we had an early dinner.  Craig had picked up Jacob mid-afternoon to do his ball boy duties at the game, and we had to get there early to retrieve him before Craig's big Hall of Fame ceremony pregame.  The boys were pretty well behaved during the game (which tells me just how tired Carter probably was, that he had no energy to be antsy!), and we stopped to see Craig quickly before heading home.  He was headed out that night with the team for one last road game the following night.  The Knighthawks missed the playoffs, which is a little sad, but the good news is that Craig's work commitments will die down for the next six months or so.

But since he had that one last game Sunday, it meant that I had to take the kids to Buffalo solo for two parties!  Our nephew's First Communion party was at 3pm, and earlier in the week we got an invite to my cousin's son's Confirmation party earlier in the afternoon.  We were able to stop in for that one briefly and see my family before hopping back in the car for 40 minutes to go to the other one.  The kids were partial to the second party because they always have a blast with their cousins.  The party was at a VFW post, which meant a bit more diligence with keeping an eye on the kids!  Not easy when you're flying solo and trying to be social with family you don't see often, too!

By halfway through the party, the kids had taken to rolling around the dance floor in the main bar area on wheeled chairs.  I definitely kept an eye out since Carter doesn't understand centrifugal force yet, but he had a blast spinning and being part of a "train"!

One of the cousins knew to bring out these little ride-on toys, and it added another layer of craziness to the dance floor.  Carter actually got going pretty good on it!

Now that he knows this website exists, Jacob complains once in a while that I don't have enough pictures of him on here.  So I asked, but then this is the face I get!
As I mentioned, Carter discovered he likes taking pictures of me!  I hold the camera (hello, I love this camera and dropping my old one was traumatic), turn it around, show him which button to press, and he pushes it.  After countless bad angles, I used my America's Next Top Model skills to get a good angle!
Hello, first new profile picture in ages!
After the wheelie chairs chilled out, the boys went back to the big boy games.  First shuffleboard...
Super-fun game if you never played!  Craig and I played it after his weekly softball games for a couple years.  Notice Jacob's jubilant pose after knocking his cousin's stone off the table!
...and they finished off with pool.  We were getting ready to go and they just had to sink the 8-ball to finish the game.  Jacob was on a team with his cousin Luke, and Grant, the boy of honor, was their competitor.  I'm pretty sure they went back and forth about a dozen times before Luke sunk it to give Jacob and him the win. 

By the end of the night Carter had taken to running up and down the ramp and the stairs to the back room, asking people to chase him and giggling with glee every time!  I would have been more into it had I not been exhausted and nursing sore feet.  He had a blast, though!  And some of the folks sitting at the bar found him pretty darn adorable, too. 

We got into the car at 7:45 and made it home by about 9:15.  Both boys fell asleep at some point during the ride, and the transfer into the house was smooth.  I had a little time to decompress, and then it was off to bed myself.  Craig returned home around 3:30am, and I dragged the kids out of the house myself this morning to let him sleep.  So begins another busy week.  Jacob's sports, a big day at work for me, a free Saturday for Craig, and a yet-unplanned Mother's Day are the highlights for the week at this point.  We'll just have to see what else we can cram in!

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