Friday, May 13, 2016

My Mother's Day

So...getting back to Mother's Day...five days later.  Sorry.  It's been a busy week and I've either been busy or too tired in the evening to finish this off.  Anyway, this year's Mother's Day was pretty good.  Nothing outstanding, but generally fine.  I know that doesn't sound great, but since I know that our actual Mother's Day is so busy and usually spent honoring our moms, I know that it's not really going to be "my" day, and accepting that helps considerably. 

So, knowing that, this year I squeaked out some alone time on Saturday.  Getting that chance definitely helped my attitude going into Sunday.  As a whole, Saturday was pretty darn good.  In the morning I saw Jacob score two goals in lacrosse, which obviously felt like a great step forward in his comeback.  After lunch I got in a 3.5 mile run, my second run of my three-week, six-run preparation for the Corporate Challenge.  It was a tough run in warmer temperatures than I'm used to, but I did it.  However, my calves decided to tighten up pretty badly once I was home and cleaned up.  If I sat for any amount of time they were really tight when I went to move, which meant I needed to keep them active.  Carter had woken up early from his nap, but I still decided to go ahead with my plans and run out to the mall for a little bit.  I was there for about an hour and a half, which helped keep my legs moving and my calves relaxed.  So, between that and the two $10 coupons I had to spend, it was a very nice break.  And I found a dress--bonus!  After that, we went out to our favorite gluten-free pizza place for dinner and stopped at the mall on the way home to see Jacob's artwork in the district art show. 

His piece is a clay Picasso-inspired face.  It's the one touching his shoulder on the right side of the picture.

However, he informed us that they hung it wrong.  As much as I liked it where the red piece was the mouth, it's actually grown on me (and looks more like a Picasso) the way it was supposed to be hung, as shown below.
The eye on the right is actually a bit hidden between the two orange pieces, and the pink circle below is the mouth.

We did a little shopping after that and had a relatively peaceful bedtime once we got home.  All in all, it was a good day.

Sunday we had to stop and get flowers for my mom on our way out of town (we already had a gift for Craig's mom that I was fortunate to stumble upon a couple weeks earlier), and I couldn't decide between two different options so we got both.  I knew that one was a little more finicky than the other, so I figured she had a backup if one didn't do well.  But look how pretty this yellow orchid is!

I also couldn't resist the colorful hydrangea, and hopefully this one can be planted outside at some point. 

We had a nice lunch at my parents' house (Carter was a machine downing the pork tenderloin), and once Carter was down for his nap, my mom and I snuck out to get our free Mother's Day sundaes at Anderson's.  Anderson's is famous for their frozen custard, but they also serve up a pretty outstanding roast beef sandwich!  They actually have some gluten-free options so we may have to try it sometime when we're in town.  The sundae had just enough custard, hot fudge, and whipped cream for a nice little dessert, and the time alone with my mom was probably the highlight of the day, just because it's pretty rare these days!  Usually at least one kid or another is around to interrupt conversations or complicate outings, so it was nice to have a quiet 45 minutes or so to talk and enjoy our custard!

We headed off after that to visit Craig's family, and as usual we ate and hung out and the kids played.  One of the highlights was that the bunnies that our niece and nephews got for Christmas turned out to not be two females, but but one male and one guess what?  They now have eight baby bunnies!  They are absurdly cute and it brought back memories of the six baby bunnies I had in my fifth grade classroom when our teacher brought in her pregnant rabbit as our class pet.  They were so much fun!
Mama's on top of the little house, and all of the babies are below.  I love how different they are!  A couple look a bit like the mom with white fur and brown spots, but some are half and half, one is all brown (he does a great chocolate bunny impersonation!), and another is brown and black.  I'm sure a biology class would have a field day with figuring out those dominant and recessive genes!
Even though we left close enough to bedtime, both boys stayed awake the whole way home.  I had forgotten how exhausting two chatty boys can be during a long car ride at the end of the day!

As far as gifts, the boys gave me a magnet that says "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids!"  True.  Add in clutter everywhere, toys underfoot, and dust so thick you can draw on every surface, and it's even more true.  It actually took me a couple days to get Jacob's gifts, since he was out sick on Friday and forgot to bring them home Monday.  That's part of what postponed this post originally, but the week did the rest.  Here are Jacob's gifts:

I guess this is the card :)

"Dear Mom, You are the best mom.  Here are the reasons why.  You make the best pancakes.  You are awsome.  You take good care of me.  You let me go with my dad.  You take me to cool places like Montreal and Toronto.  You let me ball boy.  You are a great mom!  Love, Jake"

He painted this tiny pot with ladybugs.  So cute!  But it's so small I may have to replant the flower soon!

Such a cool flower!
Carter's stuff was equally sweet...
The card says, "Mom, I love you to pieces!"  The "I Love You" was set up for him to trace, and the heart was made up of pieces of paper.

I thought this bouquet of hand flowers was very sweet.

The picture frame was cute, and the picture was super cute in its own way with his little smirk :)
As I said, it's been a busy week so far.  Jacob finally played in his first baseball game Tuesday after missing one and choosing lacrosse over another.  It is pretty painfully slow with them learning how to pitch, but we survived.  He got a couple hits...

...and he pitched for an inning...

It's all definitely a work in progress, but we'll get there.  But for now let's just say I'm not too sad we'll be missing a few baseball games in favor of lacrosse for the next month or so.  Still, it's good to see a lot of the same parents and have a concession stand handy!  Beyond that, Jacob just wants to play lacrosse with Craig all the time, I am trying to fit in my runs, and Carter keeps us all laughing.  Never a dull moment, though the weather this weekend is supposed to be pretty crappy so we might be having a lot more downtime than usual for this time of year.  I guess spring could only stick around for a couple days...maybe next week... 

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