Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Big Boys

I'm going through one of those phases where every time I look at my boys, I'm marveling at how big they're getting.  Time is flying, for sure.  I freaked out last week when I realized that Jacob's birthday is only a little more than a month away.  I think I've been in denial or something so I haven't even started thinking about a party or gifts.  And as for the cake, he changes his mind every other week, so I have some time there!  Carter hit the 3-1/4 mark the other day, and sometimes with the things he says and does, I can't believe this is the same human being who was a tiny, scrawny baby that lived in newborn clothes for what seemed like ages.  How did this happen?!

I submit as evidence of their big boyhood:

On Saturday morning Jacob had a lacrosse game.  It was one of his few road games of the season, not far from my office, actually.  The weather was cool and cloudy, with a bit of drizzle and some wind.  Not ideal, but it was downright tropical compared to the 40s we had on Sunday!  Yuck.  Thank goodness warmer weather looks to officially be on its way!  Anyway, the good news about the park we were at was that they had a playground within sight of the field.  I could take Carter to play for part of the game and still keep an eye on Jacob as he played.  Carter loves playgrounds, and this one was a great size for him!
I love this picture!  Oh, and the first time he climbed on this structure and tried to get back down, he caught one of the climbing knobs under the front of hoodie and was kind of hanging there.  Not gonna lie, it was funny...but I wasn't fast enough to snap a picture before he got himself unstuck! 

He was very careful crossing the bridge!

I surprised him to get this smile!  He was calling these little corners of this wall "houses" and made me go to my "house" at the other end until "morning" :)

See, such a big kid!

Oh, that face.  I feel like the grown-up version of this one is going to be pretty swoon-worthy for the ladies!
Jacob's game was OK.  We mostly avoided the rain and while his team lost (again) they actually held their own against a very good team.  No points for Jacob, but he was playing on defense for part of the game and he's still learning his way as a midfielder.  Every game is a learning experience!

Because of the weather we had a pretty low key day.  I grocery shopped, but that was about as exciting as it got.  Real strawberries to enjoy during breakfast for dinner, maybe?  Oh, and we did get a special delivery, but more on that in a minute!

Sunday's weather was even worse.  Definitely an indoor day, though Jacob kept trying to go outside to play lacrosse anyway.  We went to church, stopped at Aldi on the way home, had some lunch, and I got in a run (on the treadmill at the gym--my best time yet!).  Pretty much the rest of the day was spent hanging around.   Craig did catch this picture on our way out the door for church.  It was even funnier when Carter was just chillin' on the steps in his church clothes, his winter coat, and his Spider-man mask, like nothing was going on!  This was a couple seconds later...

The other exciting thing from the weekend was the arrival of Carter's new twin mattress!  After lots of back and forth in my head, I settled on ordering a mattress from Amazon that had amazing reviews and free delivery.  That eliminated the issue of getting it to our house, and while the price was at the top end of my ideal range, it was still reasonable.  And when I happened to catch it on sale one night while checking my wish list, I bought it on the spot.  It arrived in a box that was about four feet tall by about a foot wide.  The contents looked like this:

Good thing I had read the reviews or I'd never believe this would turn into a real, normal mattress!  It was completely compressed and rolled up.  We got it Saturday but waited until Sunday to unroll it, for a couple reasons.  The thickness of the mattress when I unrolled it was no more than a couple inches!  But as I started removing the plastic, it began hissing, like it had a slow leak.  But it was the opposite, where the small holes I created as I pulled tape off the plastic were letting air in to the vacuum-sealed package.  Within a minute of removing the plastic, the mattress was eight inches thick and gloriously comfortable.  And this happened about 10 seconds after that:
He jumped right on!
He made himself at home for the rest of the day, watching shows and movies, reading books, and playing with toys.  Carter instantly fell in love with that bed.  And as a result, he was very unhappy Monday morning when he found we had moved it down to the basement to off-gas or settle or whatever, per the manufacturer's recommendation.  It'll come back up this week or this weekend, whenever we can find enough time to take apart the crib, move up the box spring and a basic frame from the crawl space, buy a mattress pad and protector (I actually did that tonight, but I should also get a couple new pillows), wash the new bedding, and get it all put together.  We might also have to move some furniture and toys around in his room, so this could be a process.  But he's excited and I hope that will encourage him to follow the rules and listen when he's told to stay in it!  Jacob said I could take his color-changing alarm clock for Carter's room, too (and replace it with something better, I suppose), so hopefully Carter can learn when it's OK to get up.  Now if he'd just be able to sleep through the night without having to pee at 4am, we'd all be happier.  

And then there's this big kid...
Seriously, how did he get this grown up?
Last night was his second grade concert.  I remember last year when I went to pick him up from school and all of the second grade families were coming in, thinking, "Holy cow, next year that's going to be us, and Jacob will be a month away from being done at this school."  And now here we are.  Wow.

The concert was about what you would expect from a couple classes' worth of second graders, but it was nice.  Some of the songs are a little odd, but I guess when you spent your childhood learning nothing but songs about Jesus, other stuff seems a little...surfacy?  I mean, a couple of them were nice songs about cultural harmony and the joy of music, but a couple others seemed a little less inspiring, at least for second graders, perhaps?  But they did a lot of sign language and instrument playing, which made it clear they've been working hard.

Jacob did well--no potty dance this time, thankfully--and I saw a lot of smiles.  Hard to see, but here he's playing the tambourine...

And here he's playing the glockenspiel...

And here he's singing and signing...
Thumbs up!
And here are a couple videos...the first during one of the first songs... 

And here is his glockenspiel performance...

It's always intriguing to see things that give us insight into what he does at school all day.  We often don't get much back when we ask questions about his day, so seeing something like this provides good reassurance that he's learning something!  We still have a few events coming up as the school year winds down and we finish up his time at this particular school.  It's so hard to believe we're at this point already.  It doesn't seem like that long ago that I was sitting in that same room for his Kindergarten orientation! 

So, yes, we have two growing boys who boggle my mind on a daily basis with their big boy-ness.  The things they say and do make me marvel at how far we've come...and often make it clear how much farther we have to go.  But I love them both and I know how much I will miss this someday. 

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