Friday, May 27, 2016

Baby Gear Exodus

So...the crib is gone and so far the big boy bed has been going okay.  Carter is sort of confused by his new freedom, actually.  At night he seems to have a hard time going to bed.  He's got a few of the usual excuses, but he mostly just sits in bed and talks to himself.  But he does it for a while and seems to routinely be staying up until 10pm.  Ugh.  But once in a while he will get out of bed, and the other night while we were watching TV, I heard him close his door.  No idea why.  He did that in the middle of the night after peeing a couple nights earlier, too.  In the middle of the night and early in the morning, he still calls out to us about having to pee, and even though I talk through the monitor and tell him to get up and go and I will meet him there, more often than not I have to walk down there and escort him.  And even though I moved the color-changing night light clock into his room, he's still not entirely clear on the green vs. yellow colors and their meanings.  We're working on it.

But the setup of his room is definitely growing on me!  I figured on Sunday that it would at least be a good temporary setup, but I like it!  There's so much more floor space, and neither the closet nor the dresser cabinet are blocked by other things.  I do wish the little rocking chair could be in his room, but I sort of like having the bean bag chair in there better, because I can totally see him snuggling in to read a book!  I still have to decide about furniture, if I'm going to buy new stuff, and if so, will the room need another redo to accommodate it?  I could just get a bed to match the existing dresser, but it's not as big as a full six drawer one.  Or I could go with a more mature looking darker wood for both.  I'm not sure the bed will fit in any part of the room if I get a bookshelf headboard, so I might just have to stick with the platform/storage base and leave it at that.  And I really need to start working on big boy decor, as I've taken down most of the beloved Baby Snoopy stuff.  We need new stuff to fill the walls, but I am torn.  Sports stuff is easy, will match the bed, and will grow with him, but he also really likes superheroes and vehicles, but those don't always age well.  Hobby Lobby has some cute stuff--tin signs and even superhero-ish cartoon phrases on canvas ("Pow!") that might be okay, but I have to keep thinking, I guess.  He's definitely more broad in his interests than Jacob, so it's hard to focus on a cohesive theme without the risk he will move on to something else before he outgrows it.

It was definitely bittersweet disassembling the crib.  Knowing that it's been nearly eight years since we first assembled it with me nearly nine months pregnant in a very hot house, and sweating through the disassembly equally tired after my three-mile run, brought back memories.  The crib we registered for was in a pre-recall phase, and after waiting for a bit we ended up just finding a set online from Walmart, relatively cheap but nice looking and with all of the features we wanted.  It was such a relief to get it to our house and get it assembled, so we knew we had some semblance of a real baby room.  It definitely seemed to make it all much more real!

The crib had to be disassembled when we moved, then converted to a toddler bed right around Jacob's third birthday.  We skipped that step with Carter because none of the bed rail solutions seemed ideal and he still wasn't climbing out.  But if you add in a half dozen lowerings of the crib base to two assemblies and two conversions, plus lots of bedding changes, I have spent a lot of time intimately acquainted with the hardware of that crib.  And that's not even getting into the hours I have spent hanging over the side of the crib trying to soothe little boys to sleep, or sitting on the floor and sticking my arm through the rails to rub a back or a head.  So many hours...tired, desperate hours.  I still remember the difficulty/excitement of picking out that crib mattress, too, of all things.  And now all of it is in our crawl space, in pieces and without purpose for the first time in nearly eight years.

And of course, now I'm faced with a challenge.  What do I do with everything?  We have so much baby stuff, and no more babies coming to use it.  But I still live in fear that the second that stuff leaves my house, I will somehow find myself miraculously pregnant.  Even still, I'm a bit hesitant to do a yard sale (people are creepy and dishonest, and it's a lot of work), but it also seems like a waste to just give it all away, especially because a lot of it is in good shape.  I probably need to look into consignment for some of it, but it's overwhelming regardless.  There are lots of memories, so it's going to be hard to give it all up.  I definitely want to reclaim that space, because I currently feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in our house, but I feel paralyzed when it comes to doing anything about it.  What do you keep?  There are some instant keepers and plenty of stuff that I don't have a major attachment to, but I know there's going to be a lot of in-between stuff--stuff with no purpose and/or minimal significance that for whatever reason holds a memory strong enough that it's hard to part with.

Last night at my mom's group, another mom and I were discussing this exact topic.  I had mentioned that Carter had moved to a big boy bed, and she actually started talking about the process of getting rid of baby stuff.  She and I were both in the same boat--hesitant to do it, but knowing it needs to be done.  She said one of the same things I keep thinking--once it's done, it's so...FINAL.  And that part is hard, no matter how much I know a third baby would be a disaster in our house, for so many reasons.  I've gotten much more settled with that reality in recent months, but the physical action is still this big step that makes my heart ache.  It's nice to know I'm not alone, but I'm still overwhelmed with the task. 

Tonight I worked through a couple piles that had been waiting for me all week.  I remade Jacob's bed with new sheets and his new striped quilt, then washed his sports one in preparation for putting it on Carter's bed tomorrow.  But I still have a bunch of stuff that needs to be cleared out of Carter's room, and I think the changing table pad is going in the trash.  It is practically flat, so that can go!  But I still have so much more to think about and do, and while I have three days to do it, it's not going to be nearly enough!  But let's see how we do...

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