Thursday, March 31, 2016

Six Years Later

Easter Sunday marked the six-year anniversary of the day we moved into our house.  That day was completely exhausting, and judging by my "On This Day" memories on Facebook, the entire month prior sucked pretty bad thanks to packing and general worrying.  But in the end, as hoped, it was worth it.  There are little things I miss about our old house, but all of the problems we left behind were well worth the move.  This house isn't perfect either, and I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix some things, but for the most part I love it.  I wish the kitchen, bathroom, and Carter's room were bigger, I need a landscaping fairy to fix everything outside, we need to replace a shutter, and there are a handful of cosmetic things that I'd like to upgrade.  But considering we left behind a house with a history of mice, sketchy wiring, super creaky floors, a purple bathroom, a bumpy yard, way too many trees, and not enough space anywhere, this is heavenly.

Six years in, there is so much that I love about this house and how it fits us.  Such as...

I'm using old pictures for this post.  This is from shortly after we moved in.  Everything is messier now.
1) The living room - It was the first thing that sold me on this house when we walked in the door, but it has remained one of my favorite things.  The cathedral ceilings are dramatic, the fireplace is pretty, the room is giant, and I love how the stairway overlooks it.  The floor space is necessary with two active boys, and I love how we have a ledge along the side--an extended fireplace hearth--that fits a lot of the toys very well.

2) The stairs - I wasn't sure how a split would work for us, but one part that I love is that no part of the house is a giant stairway away.  There are only 13 stairs total from the bottom floor to the top.  When I have something that needs to go to one spot or another in the house, I know it never has to go far, which motivates me to do it right then and not leave a pile near the stairs.  And let's be honest--when you have a kid that has a million bedtime excuses, it's nice to not have to run "all the way upstairs".  Everything is close.  It also made me feel a lot better with babies, that they never had far to fall.  And nothing is better than putting the tree near the stairs at Christmas.  Not only is it pretty, but it's functional.  You can see more of the tree and there's a built-in stairway to decorate it!

3) The dining room - It came in the same shade of red as the accent wall in our old living room, which made me miss that wall less.  I still don't like the brass light fixture, but I am grateful that I found a picture (free from my old office) that matches both the red wall and my blue glass collection.


4) The kitchen - The windows are the first thing people notice.  They're pretty and the light is great.  My old kitchen was super ugly, so this one is gorgeous in comparison.  I'd love to have a tile backsplash and stainless steel sink, and replace the wallpaper, and install a cute pendant lamp above the sink.  It's too small to fit us and our table comfortably, but the cabinets fit our stuff pretty well and I love the pantry.  It's functional.

5) The basement - We need a space to display a rather large sports memorabilia collection, and a finished basement is pretty much a necessity for that.  I would love to replace the paneling someday, but it works with the general feel.  The basement is also home to Jacob's giant Lego collection, and it's nice to keep it out of the living room.  Hopefully soon an elliptical will live there, so it's nice to have a possible space for that.  I also love that the basement has an office.  We don't use it like we should, but I like knowing we have a bonus space in case we need it.  And like I said, I love that it's only seven steps away from the main floor so no one is ever out of shouting range.

I just feel like we got so many of the things I wanted--a massive storage area, a decent sized foyer, a giant linen closet, a nice porch, a bigger garage (still two-car, but a couple extra feet all around), and a good sized master bedroom.  My fear is that if we ever move, I will be so spoiled by certain things that it will make me extra picky.  Ironically, tonight I saw a listing for a house that looks like a perfect "next house".  It's around the corner from us and it's a contemporary style, four bedrooms, lovely yard, gorgeous kitchen, and much newer.  But, of course, it's way out of our price range ($50K more) and there is no way we're doing that.  But even there...part of the outside of the house is not maintenance free, so that would concern me.  I'm sure if we saw it we'd have other complaints, but I can't lie--it gave me a brief moment of hope that there are cool houses out there that might have a lot of the stuff I want.  That's the first one that gave me that sense in a while.  And no, we're not looking...I'm just nosy and like looking at listings.  Watching HGTV lately has reminded me how much that whole process stinks, but I can't deny that the fresh start in a new house is always a bit inspiring!  Still, we fit in this one pretty nicely so I think we'll hang in here for a while, at least until the school district becomes too much of a disaster.  But that move six years ago was a good one.  I'm so happy we found this place.

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