Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Time to go Outside!

Side note: If you could read that post title without getting the "Outside" song from Bubble Guppies in your head, you clearly don't watch them enough.  I really need to do a post about kids' TV one of these days.  God knows we see enough of it and I have opinions.  ANYWAY...

The past couple weeks we've had some unseasonably warm weather.  Aside from one crazy day in the low 70s, it hasn't been super warm, but pleasant and generally warmer than it should be.  It's been a nice change of pace wearing lighter coats and not dealing with snow like we usually do in March.  Of course, we didn't get to take full advantage of the weather the past couple weeks because it was still dark by the time we were getting home every day.  But over the weekend we set the clocks forward, so sunset isn't until after 7pm now.  Craig and the kids have had a couple days to go out before dinner and play, which is something I think the kids have needed.  Even though Jacob can't run yet, I think getting him in that more active mindset is good for him.  We need to get back at getting him to ride a bike, and Carter needs to start practicing pedaling again.  Both kids seem very pedaling-averse, so that's been an interrupted work-in-progress.

On Sunday we were in Buffalo for Craig's mom's birthday, and Carter got his belated birthday gift since Craig's brother's family wasn't able to make his party.

He got a new tricycle!

He was excited, but I think he liked playing peek-a-boo over the box more!

He's already got a little wheel of his own, a hand-me-down big wheel, and a hand-me-down bike and scooter that he hasn't really been able to use yet.  But the trike should be good bike practice for him to get him comfortable with steering and pedaling.  I put it together last night and he was excited to get on it this morning!  The weather wasn't ideal for riding it tonight, but hopefully soon!  He got much better at just getting on it today, so I guess we'll take it one step at a time.

On a side note, Craig gave me some grief about the pictures I've posted of him lately--weird faces, blinking, etc.--so when I tried to take his picture with Carter, first he said they should make faces...
You can't see it, but Carter is sucking in his cheeks to make a face!
 And then there was this one...and this is a good one, right?

So, it appears this weather won't last forever, but it's nice to have had the break.  It definitely makes me look forward to spring even more.  Hopefully the weather is gentle the rest of the way, but I suppose this is a lot to ask given how mild this winter has been as a whole.  I can dream, though!

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