Friday, November 6, 2015

News & Notes, Indian Summer Edition

First, just a few more photos to share from Halloween.  These came from the slide show they sent out at work.  I love the first picture of Carter and me, and the second one shows him playing with the electric ball.  It was a little hectic, but lots of fun!


I realized I didn't have any daylight pictures of our real Halloween pumpkins, so I made sure to snap this the other day.  I like them!  So much that I didn't even send them out with the trash today, even though they're starting to mold.  In fact, one of the ones we carved at the Oktoberfest that I did throw out was almost completely colored on the inside (mostly dark gray, but other colors, too) when I looked at it this morning.  So gross!

Part of the reason everything is so moldy is because we've had record-breaking warmth over the past couple days.  It hit 78 on Wednesday and was in the 70s again yesterday.  All week has been amazing.  It was still pretty warm today, but it was windy and rainy.  Normal weather will be back tomorrow, but it was fun while it lasted.  The only problem with nice weather in November is that it's dark (and therefore cooler) by the time you get out of work, and you can't really take the kids outside to play in it during the week because it's pitch black outside by the time you get home. 

The time change itself wasn't horrible, but Jacob still seems to be waking up a little earlier, and Carter is having a heck of a time going to sleep, though my guess is that we're just going through a phase, rather than him just being "off" from the change.  I've resumed being half asleep in the mornings, but I'm still having a hard time staying awake at night after the kids go to bed.  I like that it's a little lighter in the mornings, but it is a bummer going home in the dark!  I realized that this year I don't have my gorgeous sunset views to soften the blow.  Previously, the time change meant that I could see fabulous sunsets 16 floors above the city, and that almost made going home in the dark worth it.  Now I'm lucky if I get a glimpse of a pretty sky from the stairwell or the highway.  Definitely a bummer.

This could be a whole post itself, but we're having a particularly rough time with Jacob right now.  Or rather, I am.  He keeps demanding that I stay out of his room.  He really doesn't want to be around me at all, but I can't quite seem to figure out why he's acting that way all of a sudden.  The disrespectful talk is sort of matter-of-fact, rather than purposely malicious, but it's hurtful and disrespectful nonetheless.  I don't know if he's just mad at me because I don't let him get away with things, or if he's thinking I'm "contaminated" from spending so much time with Carter, or what.  It's gotten pretty intolerable and we need to get into the family therapist ASAP before it gets any worse.  I also meant to ask when we were at the doctor's office today if they can recommend any male pediatric therapists for Jacob to go to on his own, but I forgot.  I'm convinced that the other two never stuck because they were middle aged women that didn't know how to relate to a boy like him, and he just considered them another mom type nagging him.  I feel like a man might be able to relate better with sports or other guy stuff.  I feel like he might see a guy as "on his side" from the get-go, and maybe when he starts talking things out with someone like that, he'll finally start believing the stuff we've been telling him all along.  It's worth a try at this point, because I feel like we have a lot of issues to work through again, from friend troubles at school to easing him into a winter wardrobe after months of abusing the same handful of t-shirts and not wanting to wear any of the (perfectly acceptable) long-sleeved shirts in his closet.  He's getting older and getting the bigger kid attitude, and it scares me to think how some of this might translate a few years down the road.  I really want to get it handled now.

In case you were wondering, we went to the doctor today because I finally scheduled the kids' flu shots.  The tricky thing about flu shots is that Carter could probably get the nose spray, but Jacob can't since he's got a history of respiratory issues (thanks, RSV).  But since I try to take them together, I can't, in good conscience, give one the shot and one the spray, so I really need both of them to get the shot together.  I always hope they'll bond over the pain, but no luck this year.  We went out after for a frozen yogurt dinner, which was fun, but Jacob spent most of the rest of the night complaining about his sore arm.  Carter wrapped up the night crying for 45 minutes straight because I refused to constantly interrupt Jacob's reading time to go up and replace his blanket.  Sigh.

Jacob started lacrosse practice this week, and his coach is super impressed with his progress.  He'll definitely be one of the best players on the team this year since all of the talented, ball-hog big kids moved up, but the team definitely won't be the powerhouse it had been since he joined.  I think the losing will be a good exercise for Jacob after only losing one game in two years.  It'll be tough for him when he doesn't have many good, reliable teammates to pass to, but as long as we can keep his ego in check, I think it could be an interesting year for him.

I found out earlier this week that the other analyst at my old job--the girl who held the same position as I did but did completely different stuff--is leaving!  She got a better paying job, in a related but slightly different industry.  I am thrilled for her--both to be getting a raise and getting out of there--but I feel awful for my old boss who is amazing and wonderful to work for.  She went from having a team of three (plus an intern) firing on all cylinders to just having herself.  Who knows if they'll even rehire for the position, but even if they do, that person won't have all of the back-knowledge that she's lost with the two of us.  It's so sad.  I can't help but feel a little twinge of satisfaction, though, that they sent me--a loyal employee--packing, and now they've lost the one they decided to keep.  Serves them right.  The other bright side is that if she hates her new job, I will no longer hesitate to find her a job with me!  I would never have stolen her from my old boss, but now she's fair game!

Today marks seven months at my new job.  Hard to believe!  Work has been up and down for me lately.  I generally like the work, but I have some super busy days, and some that are a little too quiet in between.  I definitely feel like more of an integral part of our team now, and both my boss and my fellow data whiz are thrilled with my presence here.  I've done good work and my instincts have been better than I thought.  Getting me to a consistent workload is a bit of a process, since there's a ton I need to learn over time before I can get to a comfort level of taking on elements that will give me more consistent work.  Slowly but surely.  It was a great move, though, no doubt.

I guess I'll finish this up with a cute story.  Lately Carter's been asking me to rock him at bedtime, and once in a while I'll jokingly sing lullabies to him.  Tonight we were playing on the floor a bit, and I asked if I could lay my head to sleep on his lap.  He grabbed my head and said he was going to rock me.  He proceeded to push my shoulder back and forth and did his best rendition of "Rock-a-bye Baby", which was hilarious.  He was so ridiculously cute. 

Hopefully we can have a nice family weekend...but let's hope the rest of it goes better than tonight's start...

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