Monday, September 14, 2015

Where did Summer go?

Weather-wise, it was a miserable weekend.  Rain, cold, and more rain and cold.  We went from high 80s and humid to rainy in the upper 50s over the course of just a couple days, and now we're back into pleasant weather for the foreseeable future.  But oh, was this weekend ever a sobering reminder of what's ahead.  And even if it comes with pumpkins and pumpkin spice and apple-everything and fall colors everywhere you look, it is a bummer.

As a side note, it reminded me how desperately I need to start sorting through the unending supply of clothes for Carter (again).  That kid is the hand-me-down king, no doubt.  Right now, between at least two sizes (he should start fitting into 3T tops soon, but in some cases he might still fit in any longer-length 18 month pants because he's so skinny) and two seasons, his closet is going to be a serious challenge.  As it was I moved the heavy winter 2T stuff (sweaters, corduroy pants) into a bin back into the crawl space just so I could fit his summer stuff!  Anyway, that project is coming soon.  Yikes.  Luckily he hadn't grown too much so the pants I hastily grabbed as I packed for the weekend fit him just fine, so I guess the bright side is that possibly not much has changed.

Anyway, we knew well in advance that we had a busy weekend planned because it was Craig's brother's 40th birthday.  Of course, then our daycare friends (all of the people who have left the daycare we're still at) planned a playground play date for Friday night, which made our departure even busier!  We rushed through dinner and last minute packing in order to get there before it got dark, and we got a good hour or so in, I guess.  The boys had a blast running around and playing with old friends, and I tried to catch up with other parents and teachers while trying to give Craig a break, since he's hobbling around with a bad knee (possibly a meniscus tear).  Here's a picture of Carter that Craig captured...

We got to my parents' house around 9:30 with a sleeping Jacob and an awake Carter...go figure.  Both boys went down fine, though, thank goodness.  Of course, Jacob woke up around 3am complaining about having to sleep on a sleeping bag and sniffling like crazy, since he didn't get to take his allergy medicine before he went to bed.  That kept us up for a while, making Saturday a rather sleepy day...thanks in part to the weather, no doubt.

Our plan was to get up and out rather early so we could go to the outlet mall nearby.  Craig needed to get some gear for his upcoming Team Canada stint at the Adidas outlet, and I figured it would be a good opportunity to look for more pants for Jacob, who appears to be in between sizes at his usual stores.  We also did some birthday shopping for a couple people.  We dodged the rain to grab some lunch, and headed out for downtown Buffalo.

Carter getting comfy in his car seat with his animals

Craig's mom got us tickets for a charity hockey game at Harborcenter, the new complex adjacent to the Sabres' arena.  It has a hotel, restaurant, Tim Hortons location, two ice rinks, and a number of other amenities.  We've seen it from the outside passing by downtown numerous times, but we hadn't been there yet.  The transformation in that area as a whole is amazing.  There is cool stuff to do along the waterfront, the old canal bed has been rewatered, and in the winter they have ice skating on the canal!  Oh, and as we headed south out of the city, we also saw Buffalo RiverWorks, which is another site among the grain elevators on the edge of the city that has sprung up out of nowhere and is now an entertainment/event destination.  They have ice rinks, roller derby, and concert/event space.  It's so exciting to see Buffalo coming alive like that!

Anyway, back to was beautiful!  The smaller rink has a window view out toward the city, and the bigger rink has a gorgeous wood ceiling.  It's a top-notch facility.

Carter wanted to play bubble hockey, but was broken!

Looking out on the big rink....the wood ceiling was gorgeous!

Color guard before the game

Looking down the smaller rink, with windows looking out at the city

We also took a walk over to (716), the restaurant during one of the intermissions.  The TV over the bar is as big as a movie theater screen, and we caught a glimpse of a few Sabres sitting in a private room off the second floor.  We didn't get a chance to go to the Tim Hortons, but that is just motivation to go back.  It's a special location that's focused on the Sabres and the company's namesake, and I can't wait to see it.  But there are so many other attractions down there now that we could make a full date night out of it--skating, (716), Tim Hortons, etc.  Someday...

We watched the game and the kids had a blast with their cousins.  Jacob hung out with his cousins that are closer to his age, and Carter hung out with his oldest cousins, who got a kick out of his tendency to wave to the people in the penalty box, since we were sitting right next to it. 

We had fun at the game and followed it up with a fun night at Craig's brother's birthday party.  Good food, some beverages, and good company!  Jacob slept over with his cousins and we slept in with Carter (after a brief early wake-up for a bathroom visit for Carter).  We were still pretty tired, though, but had a pleasant afternoon watching the Bills win their season opener!  We had more food and family time before taking off just before the end of the game to beat the stadium traffic!

Carter in his Bills jersey partaking of one of Daddy's favorite foods--chips and dip!
Overall it was a fun weekend despite the crappy weather.  A new week has begun, and we started out on a good note by Carter being formally discharged from the pulmonary clinic that he's been going to since infancy, much like Jacob did.  He made it through his summer colds without any issues, so they're comfortable letting us go.  He's still on a night dose of his reflux meds, but doesn't seem to have any chronic respiratory issues right now, so we're free!  Unfortunately, that good start did not translate to tonight.  Craig was on the road and I realized during dinner that I needed to go to Wegmans tonight to pick up milk and a couple other things.  The kids were not happy and the 20 minute trip was pretty miserable.  On top of that, Jacob's first night of reading homework was a complete failure.  On the first page he read a simple word wrong, over and over, and kept laughing about it.  After five minutes of trying to get him to focus, I gave up and walked out.  It was late and he was showing no signs of getting serious, so now he'll have to make up his 20 minutes another night.  Arg.  I have no idea how we're going to get through a week and a half of nightly reading when Craig is with Team Canada.  Nights are hard enough.  Sigh. 

We'll see how it goes...

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Amanda said...

Ugh homework drives me to the brink of insanity every night. My 2nd grader has the dreaded nightly 20 minutes of reading, spelling & vocabulary practice Mon - Thurs and then add in Math sheets on Mon & Wed.
Thankfully reading the math problems and reading/practicing spelling & vocabulary counts towards that 20 minutes. Also our teachers say that if your kid will read street signs, bumper stickers, billboards, etc. while you are driving that that can count towards the time so we take it on those days where we are in the car more than home.
I don't know how you feel about screen time but I downloaded Spelling City to an old smartphone and upload Cameron's spelling words every week to allow him to practice. His teacher actually used it last year so she uploaded the list but this year we ended up with a teacher that doesn't seem to have it all together.
This allows him to practice his spelling while I'm driving or cooking or tending to his younger sister and frees me up a little.
Hang in there...sending prayers for this busy season.