Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Second Grade, Here He Comes!

So, this morning was Jacob's first day of school.  Second grade has arrived!  Here is the official picture:

He's wearing his nice new collared shirt and his gray shorts.  Nice shirts with sports shorts is not usually my favorite look, but he picked it out himself and it works.  I was just happy he was excited about it, or else we might have had trouble getting him out the door this morning.  He wasn't happy about taking the bus, but he got through it, of course.

We didn't even cross to the other side of the street, nor did he look back once he went toward the bus.  We've certainly evolved :)

I snapped this picture of a flower that I've passed by a bunch of times and thought looked cool, but never saw it up close.  Pretty, huh?

How did the first day go?  According to Jacob, he has the worst teacher in the world.  That good, I guess.  He can't seem to give us specifics aside from her being boring and doing nothing fun.  I don't know what he expected to have happen on day one, but I really hope he reconsiders and gives her a chance.  I told him that it's too long of a year to hate his teacher, so he should really find a way to like her.  No word yet on homework, but God knows I have a stack of paperwork to fill out!  He found out his best female friend from last year is in his class, which was good news for him.  But it appears the jury is still out on this year...or should be, at least.

Day one is in the books and Jacob is already asking how many days until the weekend.  Sigh.  Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

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