Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Potty Time!

Ah, it's been a while since we had a good, old-fashioned bodily fluid update!  Seems like Carter has had a whole lot less of those in general than Jacob did.  I'm not sure if that's because we just had less bodily fluid issues to talk about, or it's just a case of first child oversharing being lost in the world of two kids and less time to overthink things!  But today, that kind of post makes a triumphant return!

I guess we can officially say we have started potty training.  It still seems rather unofficial, though.  I brought out the potty sometime around Carter's second birthday, I think.  He seemed interested in the concept initially (he was getting interested in the toilet), but when the potty seat and the potty chair came out (earlier than I planned, but just in case), he refused to go anywhere near them.  I offered but tried not to push and bribed a little if I saw an opportunity, but for the most part they just sat there collecting dust.  In the past few months we managed to get him to sit on one or the other a few times, with little staying power and zero success.  In the same time frame, he's gotten rather impatient with poopy diapers.  He will poop and then proceed to incessantly tell you, "I need change" until you actually change him.  Of course, I'm usually elbow deep in a sink of dishes, or comfortably snuggled in my chair, or standing over the stove, so I calmly tell him I will help him as soon as I can...but then I add, "Hey, if you went on the potty we wouldn't have this problem!"

As much as I don't like buying diapers, I honestly haven't been in much of a rush.  Jacob started using the potty around 18 months, but he wasn't fully day trained for TWO YEARS (and don't even get me started on nighttime).  So...this time around I was pretty comfortable with, "When he's clearly ready we'll give it a shot, and maybe it'll go quicker."  He clearly was not ready a few months ago and I was not going to push him.  We know where that goes and no one needs that frustration.  Back at daycare, a bunch of his friends were starting to use the potty, but even peer pressure was not enough to get him interested, and while they offered, he continued to pass.

Well, lately at daycare he's been somewhat of a potty rockstar.  He usually goes at least once a day and even pooped this week!  Granted, the teachers are pros at this, and it helps that they have a predictable schedule for having all the kids go.  I really have no desire to sit my kid on the potty every half hour (or worse) and wait for him to pee.  Part of that is my impatience, and the other part is that half the battle of potty training is getting them to recognize the feeling of having to go.  Maybe there's something to be said for the association of already sitting on the potty when that feeling arrives, but I sort of want him to get used to picking up on that cue no matter where he is in the house.  So while I can't promise I'll never do that, I can't say that it's high on my list. 

But I will ask whenever I think of it.  And last night we went up to take a bath, and I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty.  He eagerly sat down, and boom....he peed in the potty!  That was his first official successful pottying at home!  I can't really count the time he peed on the floor and I stopped him and he finished up on the potty, even though that was a victory itself at the time.  But this was legit.  Lots of cheering and celebrating, for sure.  Positive reinforcement, y'all. that he's sort of ready, now what?  I did bring up Jacob's old undies not long ago--I swear, they're clean and unstained and they will do perfectly well for the accident-prone early stages, at least until we're at a point where he's ready to pick some new ones with a character he doesn't want to pee on.  I tried a pair on him and he didn't particularly like it, so they went back in the drawer for now.  I suppose I really need to run out and pick up some pull-ups.  It'll make it easier for everyone when he has to go, and when things are getting progressively drier, then we'll start with the undies again.  But for now he's still plenty wet every morning and still has not asked to use the potty at home.  We'll keep working on it in our own time, unless he really gets consistent at daycare and then it's obvious that *I* am the one holding him back.

Of course, the other issue is that once he's regularly using the potty and we're expecting him to attempt to be night trained, we need to consider changing over his bed from a crib to a toddler bed.  It appears we did that shortly before Jacob turned three, which would be sometime in the next five months for Carter.  He still isn't climbing out, though sometimes he acts like he's going to try.  But he never has and I'm hesitant to change things before we have to.  I don't know if he'll stay in bed--he's a very good boy but does have a mischievous side.  He tends to be more of a climber than Jacob ever was and I worry what he might get into if he's alone and free.  I just don't want to ruin our awesome sleeper if he's got the freedom to wander out at bedtime or wake up at all hours to play.  But I'd love for him to be able to get up in the morning and grab a toy or read when he wants...or be able to go to the bathroom, I guess.  So potty training puts that on the radar, and I'll admit that the end of the crib will be a sad day in our house, now that it'll be done for good.  Seems like not that long ago I was reassembling it from the toddler bed to the crib once we finally got Jacob in his new room and Carter was on his way!

I will not, however, get nostalgic about the end of least not once we're consistently free of accidents in public and no longer have to do a full sprint to make it to the department store bathroom in time.  The imperfect interim phase of potty training really stinks, in fact, but once we get past that, I will gladly wave goodbye to our absorbent, disposable little friends.  It has been a long road, already seven-plus years straight of some form of bladder control aids in our house.  No break.  We're ready for that...but I can't say I'm ready to have to remind two kids to use the bathroom all the time! 

Apparently Carter was dry all day today at daycare.  I haven't checked his diaper this evening, but he hasn't asked to go so I'm guessing that streak is done.  I simply need to get back in the habit of asking, I guess.  And hopefully he will cooperate, but I can't say I'm optimistic!  But maybe he'll be an overachiever and surprise all of us.  I can only hope!  Either way, we're on our way to having a real big kid.  I will be sad to lose my baby boy, but as I tell him, he'll always be mama's baby boy.  Even when he's all big and grown up...and no doubt potty trained :)

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