Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Talent Show

Last week Jacob kept talking about some sort of performance coming up at daycare.  He can get a little overzealous with this sort of stuff--thinking it's a big thing when it's really just him that's totally into it--so we didn't really think much of it.  He kept talking about costumes and his animals and something having to do with Jurassic World, but again, we figured it was just something they were role playing during the day at daycare.  Then one day the director happened to be in his room when I was there and she said something that seemed to validate it a bit.  And then Thursday there was a note on the classroom door that a talent show was taking place on Friday at 5pm.  Okay, so it was a real thing.

We still weren't quite sure what to expect, despite the program of four acts listed on the sign.  But we showed up and waited to see.  We were in the preschool room where Jacob was as a four-year-old, and they had quite a setup!  They had chairs set up, a table of snacks, and they even had a divider door closed to act like a curtain!  The first act was two girls singing "Let It Go" from Frozen.  It was cute (not perfect, but cute), and it was complete with them throwing snowy confetti to mimic Elsa's ability to produce snow from her fingertips!  Later in the song the two Elsas were joined by Olaf and Anna, too!  Later they were also the backup singers for another singing act, and one of the Elsas also sang "Fight Song" at the end of the show.  It was quite the event.  A little chaotic, a little silly, but heartfelt.  And snacks always help.

But the highlight, of course, was Jacob's performance.  It was...weird.  Funny, but weird.  Apparently it was based on Jurassic World, which I haven't seen (and, strangely, neither has Jacob).  He was an explorer (a French explorer, in fact).  I can't really describe the rest, so instead I'll just show you this video...

It's not just you...I'm not really sure either.  But his acting at the beginning was great, right?  The assistant director seemed to cut them off a bit at the end, though apparently they had more in mind.  So then there was this:

Ultimately it was Jacob and his animals (a dog and two otters) getting attacked by two dinosaurs.  What all of the rest of that was, I'm not sure.  But he loved it, so I guess that's all that matters, right?

Here are some still shots of the highlights...
The first moment of his acting career!

Mid-fall as (I think) they were trying to steal his hat

Smiling through the battle

Taking a bow

Our star!  He costumed himself, by the way...
Despite all of our frustrations with Jacob, once in a while we see his determination and passion manifest themselves in positive ways.  It's always so fun to see him focus on a project and get excited for it.  It wasn't exactly Shakespeare, or even your typical school play, but he had fun and apparently worked well with other kids.  Both of those things can be very rare sightings in our realm sometimes, so it made me happy to see something like this take place.  I certainly don't love that daycare anymore, but while we're stuck there we need to make the best of it.  I can't say there has been a lot of good feedback from Jacob this summer, but this was definitely a positive! 

Only one more week left at this daycare for Jacob, maybe ever.  We're touring another daycare tomorrow, though at the moment they don't have openings for Jacob during breaks.  But if Carter is there, we might have an "in" if a spot opens up.  I feel totally trapped right now--stuck between paying too much at one place, or going to a place we're not thrilled with, or not finding space for both kids--but we need to make a change soon.  I really never wanted to have to do this kind of a search again, and because of one man's horrible decision, we are.  Boo. 

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