Monday, August 17, 2015

Catching Up, Multimedia Style

I finally got around to uploading a bunch of videos, so I can finally share some of the fun ones.  I also have a few extra pictures to share. 

Oh, and before I forget, we've made a very little bit of traction on the potty training situation.  The other night, Carter started peeing on the bathroom floor right before his bath, and once I yelled and he stopped, I told him to sit on the potty and finish it...and he actually got a little more out there!  And then, apparently he peed on the potty at daycare and once more over the weekend with Craig! I haven't gotten many details yet, but it's good to know we're moving (slowly) in the right direction.

Ok, so, pictures first...Here's one of the boys both playing in the sprinkler at a party we went to for the former director of our daycare a few weeks ago.  A bunch of mostly former daycare kids and parents were there to surprise the director, and we had a really nice day catching up with all the people who had left.  Unfortunately, I found out this past weekend that two more of Carter's long-time buddies have left.  I'm pretty sad about the whole thing and feeling so unsure about what to do.  But anyway, at the party it was HOT and the kids were loving the sprinkler!
It's a miracle I got the two of them together!  And yes, Jacob was fully clothed.  He dried.
Here are more pictures from Fantasy Island, this time from my parents' pictures.  Consider them proof I was there ;-)
Carter and me on the hot air balloon ride that made him giggle uncontrollably!

Carter riding the bird

Me coming off Devil's Hole (aka the Gravitron)

At the end of our big slide race!

Bumper cars - we're on the left in the yellow car.  This may have been the moment before we hit someone and I bashed my knee into the wheel.  Ouch.

On the Crazy Mouse.  Jacob was rubbing his head because the last set of brakes caused him to bump his head a bit!

Rock 'N' Roll, one of his favorite rides...and yet he wouldn't ride the same ride at Waldameer....

Happy Carter and Grandma on the ferris wheel!

Not-so-happy Jacob and mama (but he survived!)
And now for some videos...
First up, the view from the crazy high swings at Fantasy Island...
And here is Jacob's first-ever driving experience, on the antique cars at Fantasy Island.  It's a little long, but I was trying to capture the harrowing adventure as best I could...
I had to capture Carter's delirious laughter and huge smiles from the hot air balloon ride at Fantasy Island.  He was so giddy and it was totally cracking me up!
This is the end of the battle that Craig and Jacob volunteered for at Old Fort Niagara.  They marched across the battlefield and took their shots, and this was the victorious end...
This is the cannon demonstration at Old Fort Niagara.  I think they had some technical difficulties, so it took an extra little bit for it to actually fire, but it was cool to see...and loud!
This is Carter playing on the chimes at the Erie Zoo.  I loved the fun little stations they had around this section of the zoo for kids, and this was my favorite!
Finally, this was at the end of the night at the Erie Seawolves game.  I had already changed Carter into his pajamas for the drive back to the hotel.  I was hoping he'd fall asleep and we could just transfer him right into his bed, but no such luck.  Anyway, on the way out we'd stopped at the store to shop and so Jacob could get his free hat autographed.  Carter loved these claws, and this roar was absolutely hilarious.  The ferocity at the end still cracks me up.
This past weekend was a little different, as I spent most of the weekend with my parents, and Craig took the kids to his parents' house.  We left Friday night and the boys dropped me off before heading to their final destination.  I had a bridal shower to attend on Saturday with my mom, and I figured Craig might be more comfortable just taking the kids to hang out with his family, rather than hanging out at my parents' house while I was gone.  They spent Saturday with Craig's family, hanging out and doing a little school shopping.  In the meantime, I got in a run, went to the lovely shower, relaxed during the afternoon, and then went for dinner and a walk along the river with my parents.  Did I mention I ate way too much over the course of the day?  Breakfast buffet at the shower, and a Buffalo specialty, fried bologna, for dinner.  But it was really fun to spend time with my parents without playing referee for the kids or constantly running off to fetch something someone needed!  Sunday we went to church and then met Craig and the boys at my dad's cousin's house for my annual family reunion.  It was a rather warm day but pleasant in the shade.  Carter loved riding on the swing in the yard and enjoyed checking out the bunny rabbit and the deer that came into the yard.  Jacob and Craig took advantage of the big yard and played some lacrosse.  They both spent some time inside playing Legos, too.  I had a nice time catching up with my family, and Jacob ate a bunch of the dessert I made (a gluten-free ice cream cake of sorts...Oreo-type cookies crushed on the bottom, a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream over that, and Cool Whip on top, all frozen--really refreshing!).  As a whole we had a nice time, but we were eager to get home.  Both boys fell asleep on the way home, and Jacob woke up right at the end feeling ill.  Luckily we made it home and he fell back to sleep almost immediately after the nausea had passed.  Carter woke up a couple times (once as we were going to bed, and once again at 3am) seeming a bit uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if it was gas or something else, but he seemed fine this morning.  These kids always like to keep us guessing, that's for sure.  I missed them a lot, but it was nice to have some girl time (and mimosa time) at the shower, to listen to the sermon at church, and to have uninterrupted conversations for a change! 
I can't believe we only have a couple weeks left in August.  Carter is now officially 2-1/2, by the way, and my birthday is just around the corner.  School paperwork for Jacob arrived today, and I think most of our big summer plans have passed.  Summer is just a little too quick for me! 

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