Saturday, June 27, 2015

Party Time!

So, this happened the other day...
Last Day of School!
I'm not quite sure how Jacob is already done with first grade, but it happened!  Second grade is a mere 10 weeks away, and I can hardly believe it.  Second grade sounds so....old!  It'll be his last year in his current school, meaning that next year at this time he'll be on his way to a new school.  Which one, we're not sure yet.  We may take the opportunity to move to a private school if his choices of friends don't improve, but it's tough to resist having him at the public school around the corner!  We shall see.  But for now we'll enjoy the summer!

It's been a busy week.  Between all of the daycare drama, Jacob's baseball, and getting ready for his party today, it was a little crazy...which is why it took me since Tuesday to post about the last day of school.  Last night in particular was the epitome of the craziness.  I made a quick dinner and then started on assembling the new patio table we bought last weekend.  Only, I figured out about halfway through that the table was defective and needed to be returned.  The brackets that held the legs in under the table top were in the wrong spots and couldn't be moved, so the legs were not lining up right with the lower support frame.  So we had to load it back up into my car, I took it back to Lowe's and got a new one (since they all assured me they rarely see problems with that one and the one guy loves the one he owns), and then ran off to Wegmans to buy everything else we needed for the party.  I got home around 10pm and started baking two layers of cake so they were ready to frost this morning. 

Once I got up this morning it was pretty much non-stop.  Clean the bathroom, clean off the dining room table, put away random stuff, decorate the cake, cut fruit, and on and on.  Poor Carter spent the morning in front of the TV (sorry, buddy), but he was great.  Craig and Jacob went to Jacob's baseball game, which just got in before the torrential downpours started.  After five years of great weather for Jacob's parties, today was a throwback to his first birthday when it was cold and rainy.  Boo.

I was busy right up until the party and continued in the kitchen for most of it.  The good news about an indoor party is that people hang out in the kitchen with you!  Still, all of the hard work was worth it.  The food was great, the company was lovely, and it was a very nice party!

And once again, I did my best to give the birthday boy the cake of his choice!
Playmobil basketball game!

He had some great gifts, too.  He will be doing some shopping at Toys 'R' Us...

...and he got a Playmobil plane to help his soccer guys travel to their games...

...and he got a new baseball bag and a pitchback for baseball (and undoubtedly lacrosse, too!).

While we were getting ready for cake, Carter went "shopping" in the kitchen, courtesy of Uncle Brad...
Note the contents of the cart...silly boy.
 Jacob loved his cake! 

Getting some help blowing out candles from Carter and cousin Luke!
It was a very nice day, but it went fast!  It was like a busy day at work, but a lot more fun!  Tomorrow is our 12th anniversary, and I think it will simply be a day of rest!  We all need it after this week!  Dinner out will have to wait for another night when we can get child care, but at least we have leftovers to keep meals simple!  I guess this officially concludes Jacob's festivities, though.  Now I have a little less than eight months to recover and prepare for another cake! ;-)

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