Tuesday, October 8, 2013

News & Notes - Time is Flying Edition

How are we already more than a week into October?  Time is seriously going way too fast for me.  In some ways I suppose it's good, but in others I am totally freaking out.  I actually got a couple emails from retailers this morning that referenced Christmas.  Come on.  I can't even figure out the kids' Halloween costumes right now, let alone think of Christmas.  Anyway...

- One more thing I meant to mention in my Kindergarten post is that the dynamics of homework down the road will change a bit.  Right now I know part of the purpose of homework is to engage the parents.  We need to be involved with helping our kids do their work.  But as Jacob gets older, he'll obviously (hopefully) take more ownership of his work, and he'll be able to do it when he's at the afterschool program.  If nothing else I'd think peer pressure should come into play a little more.  Right now I get that he needs someone sitting with him and guiding him, so I get why he's not doing it there, but later on hopefully he'll be smart enough to get it done there, let me look it over later, and hopefully be able to enjoy his evenings at home doing other things.  Unlike me, of course, who had TV as a constant temptation when I got home and often made me push it off into the evening hours. 

- Carter is getting to be such a big boy.  Maybe not in size, but definitely in behaviors.  Just in the past couple weeks I've seen a lot of changes in him.  He sits up better, is doing a lot more pushing up while on his belly, and is even doing some pre-crawling rocking motions.  Then, last night, I had him playing with our Incrediblock, a toy I was so desperate to get that I bought one on eBay for Jacob.  I ended up getting the big activity center block and a ton of the Peek-a-Blocks (blocks with "stuff" in them to make them all unique and interesting) for as much as the block itself would have cost.  And everything was in great shape!  Anyway, the one side has this ridge that lends itself to grabbing on to.  At first, Carter did really well standing up and playing with the top of the block.  I had to balance him a bit, but he stood up pretty steady a lot of the time.  And when I had him sitting on the floor in front of it, he grabbed the ridge and tried pulling himself up!  And he got his butt off the ground and was probably about a third of the way up!  Not bad for a kid that's not even crawling yet!  It's a little sobering to think he might be mobile in the next month or two, because we have a lot of baby proofing to do.  And what's worse, we're doing it in a new house with all sorts of different things we didn't have before, most notably a fireplace and hearth, stairs, and toys with tiny pieces.  It's crazy to even think about!

- We've started Jacob on a mega dose of vitamin D to make up for what his body isn't absorbing.  He's had one good day and one bad day, so no change yet.  Still two more weeks before his testing, so we've got a long road ahead.  His behavior was definitely an issue today, as he got a note sent home for not being able to focus on his work, and he got written up at the afterschool program.  That was his second write-up, so if he gets one more he can get suspended from the program, which would be very inconvenient.  He's definitely setting himself up for an ADHD diagnosis, I'd think.  We meet with the therapist next week, so hopefully she'll have some insights. 

- As a side note about the vitamin D, I'm a little annoyed with the vitamin business.  I decided to try to switch Jacob off the Flintstones-style chewables he'd been taking (Wegmans brand) because I wanted to stay away from the artificial dyes, just in case those are somehow impacting things, as well.  As I looked at the other options, I was so annoyed to find that pretty much everything without dyes are gummy vitamins that are twice as expensive.  When I had to look for the D supplement, the kids ones either weren't the right dosage or they had artificial dyes, so I ended up getting adult gummies, which were actually the right dosage.  Gummy vitamins are cool, but they worry me because he likes them a little too much.  We've given him the lecture on how they're not candy, but it's a little scary.  I get that people want their kids to take their vitamins, but this just doesn't seem safe.  And it's ridiculous that those are the only options for dye-free vitamins.  Brutal.

- Carter has successfully eaten a good number of foods now.  He's had squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, chicken, turkey, apples, and pears.  None of them have caused a reaction, though he's only eaten one container each of the last four, so I suppose that he could still react since it took a week for the cereal to bug him.  But so far so good.  He gets some constipation from the solids, I think, but it hasn't appeared that gas is much of an issue.  I'm hoping that he'll continue to handle new foods well, and hopefully we can get through the next month before his allergist appointment and get some insights on what else to try then.  On the bright side, he's eaten entire containers of food the last couple nights, so I think his appetite for food is improving.  He seems to get cranky if we eat in front of him now!  I feel bad, though, that he can't share any of our stuff.

- Sleep has been tough to come by around here lately between both kids.  Jacob's been waking up a lot and wanting to either sleep in our bed or have Craig sleep with him.  I keep cautioning Craig about doing that because Jacob's making it quite a habit, but I know most of it is done out of desperation for sleep.  Carter has been waking up a bit here and there, too, and while sometimes he'll go back down with some rocking, I'll admit to bringing him into bed with me a lot because he seems to sleep better there.  I'm very careful about how I place him, and I try to put him back in his bed as soon as I can, once whatever was bothering him has passed.  It's challenging to get up in the morning right now, but we don't really know what's causing the wakeups for either kid so there's not much we can do.

- We have a lot going on this month.  Besides Jacob's testing in two weeks, we have his open house on Thursday and Halloween to prepare for.  We have our family Oktoberfest in a couple weeks, and I'm trying to figure out what kind of gluten free treats I can bring with us.  We need to find time for a pumpkin patch, and yet Craig has work stuff the next two weekends.  Jacob has a four-day weekend coming up, but we'll be sending him to his old daycare for those two days.  He's been asking to go there, so I figured he might enjoy it.  Or, at worst, he'd go and see that his friends aren't there anymore and there's no reason to go back there.  I wish we could be off with him, but it's just not happening right now with me being out of vacation time.

Ok, I'm exhausted, so it's time to wrap this up.  I know there was more I wanted to write about, but my bed is calling....loudly.

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