Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Things

Lots of milestones to talk about today...among other things...

1) Carter is getting tooth #3.  In fact, I think it popped through overnight.  He was a cranky mess at dinnertime last night, and the only thing that seemed to soothe him was a teething ring (and his food).  Absent those things, he screamed bloody murder, which is totally unlike him.  When I noticed how the teething ring was so eagerly taken, I looked in his mouth, and sure enough, there was a bump to the right of his two teeth with a tooth clearly visible under the gums.  I couldn't feel it poking through, but I gathered pretty quickly that was his issue.  I gave him some Tylenol at bedtime, he slept through, but this morning I could feel it poking through.  Poor kid.  Carter seems to be on a totally different tooth schedule than Jacob.  Jacob only got his first two just before eight months, so Carter was a little ahead of the game already, but this seems soon for more.  Oddly, in looking back at pictures, it appears Jacob didn't get any other teeth on the bottom until after his first birthday.  The next two to come in were his top front teeth, and those came when he was 11 months.  Carter's not even nine months yet.  Weird things, these genes.  I love the two-tooth phase and will be sorry to see it go, but Carter's so cute anyway that it can't hurt!

2) Carter pulled himself up the other night.  No, he's not crawling yet, but I guess he skipped right along to pulling up.  Of course, until he can crawl there isn't much he can get to to pull up on, but he did it on our Incrediblock toy, twice.  It was really pure luck that he did it since he hasn't quite figured out the science to getting his feet under him in the right spot, but when he does happen to have them there, he can do it.  He also doesn't have much balance once he's up there, but it's amazing to see him do it!  He's a strong little dude, that's for sure.  I would think he'll be crawling soon, but you never know.  He's been doing all the rocking and ends up scooting backwards, but I know it'll click soon.

3) Jacob actually initiated playing with Carter over the weekend!  We invented this game while we were at my parents' house involving Carter's O-Ball rattle and a soft Nerf ball.  Jacob had been playing basketball with the Nerf ball, but somehow it morphed into having Carter "swing" the rattle like a bat (with our assistance, of course) and try to hit the ball.  Jacob loved it!  He was pretty much asking Carter to play, which was probably the most positive acknowledgement of his brother yet.  It was nice to see even if the baseball game itself got old (for us) rather quickly.

4) The gluten-free diet is well underway now, and it's hard to tell if it's making a difference...but we think it is.  Here's the thing...results are really mixed so far.  On one hand, morning and bedtime have been even worse than before.  He starts hitting almost immediately in the morning, and won't leave me alone once he gets going.  At bedtime he will not stay in his room and it's like pulling teeth to get him to get ready.  He freaks out and loses control.  It's awful.  We can sort of sense that a lot of it is excitement (rarely about anything specific), and he just doesn't know how else to express it, for some reason.  He just sort of loses control and is completely illogical and weird for a period of time, and then he snaps out of it just as suddenly.  It is so strange.  But when he's not having one of those moments, he's been so much better.  His school days have been mixed, but his afterschool reports have been really great this week, which is a switch.  With us he's much easier to manage at dinner time, and other times we spend with him (like playing sports, or tonight when we carved pumpkins) have been pretty great.  I'm hoping those other moments will start decreasing as well, but that may just be another issue we have to contend with.  Like, maybe the gluten is going to help his ADHD, but there's another underlying issue (God forbid, but I wouldn't be that surprised if he got some sort of bipolar diagnosis, honestly) that it won't help.  It's hard to tell.  But we'll take a small improvement and keep praying for more.  I can see how much he's learning at school despite his issues, and I can only imagine how much better he'll do if things continue to improve.

I probably had more to report, but I am exhausted.  It has been a very long day!  Looking forward to Halloween tomorrow, though!

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