Monday, April 15, 2013

One Week In...and Two Months!

A week ago today we started our new normal, with me back to work and both kids in daycare.  I figured I should probably report on how things are going now that we've been back to "normal" for a week.  Overall I'd rate us as "Fair". 

Carter is doing very well.  He is adored by everyone there and aside from peeing on people while on the changing table and nearly spitting up all over the assistant director, things have been pretty uneventful.  They all remark what a good baby he is.  He sleeps well and eats well, and doesn't seem phased by the changes in the least.  He's actually napped really well in his crib there, which is great.  Hopefully the fact that the TV was on about 99% of the time we were home for his first seven weeks has given him the ability to sleep through ridiculous amounts of noise.  The women love snuggling him, since I think he's the youngest baby there by a little over a month.  Jacob has ventured down to see him a few times, too.  No idea what he does when he's there, but it's nice he's trying.

We're all still struggling with his diaper rash from hell, but I think it's getting better.  At least, some of the bad spots seem to be smaller.  We're tackling it with anti-fungal ointment, hydrocortisone cream, and lots of diaper rash cream.  It's not so much an overall redness as it is these raw red patches.  Sometimes those patches bleed, too.  We're all doing what we can to keep him dry and protected.  I bought some different diapers over the weekend since I know that can sometimes make a difference (I'd been wanting to try them out anyway--I'd rather be using Luvs since they're way cheaper and Jacob did well with them, but wanted to try a small pack before buying the massive box at BJ's that's nearly half the price of the Pampers, but has even more diapers).  At this point I'll try anything.  So, it's been a joint effort on that front. 

The women there enjoy his little outfits each day--a combination of new stuff and hand-me-downs--and it's been fun for me to have a little more variety than the sleepers he sported for most of my maternity leave.  Most of the 0-3 month stuff is fitting him pretty well now--definitely in length, at least--but waists and pant legs are still a little big at times.  It's also been fun digging into Jacob's old clothes and reliving the moments that I remember him wearing them.  It appears that Carter will fit into Jacob's stuff on the opposite end of the season that Jacob wore them for.  So, for example, right now Carter can fit into some of the stuff that Jacob wore in the fall, when he was about 3-6 months old.  It's a little big on Carter now but was probably starting to get small on Jacob when he wore a lot of it.  Conversely, the stuff that was large on Jacob when he was only a couple months old will probably fit Carter pretty well for most of the summer and start to get small near the end as he approaches six months.  They should match up relatively well for the 6-9 month period as that's almost all winter in both cases.  I sorted four bins a couple weeks ago to make sure all of the month groupings were together, since I usually just packed them away as I noticed Jacob outgrew them, which varied by brand and season.  I'm good through about 18 months now!

The morning rush has been an adjustment for me, but so far it hasn't been bad.  This morning was a little tough since Craig was still on the road and I had an 8:30 dentist appointment to get to.  I was only a couple minutes late, which wasn't bad considering Jacob was his usual pokey self and I had a little incident while preparing bottles that took a couple extra minutes to deal with.  I could do bottles in the evening since they keep for a full day, but given that there's a "safe" lifespan at all, I feel like it's better to do them in the morning so there's less chance of any issues.  It's a bit of a pain, but it's been manageable.  I sent three five-ounce bottles this morning instead of four four-ounce ones (he never got to the fourth last week at all, and seemed a little extra hungry after some feedings this weekend).  I ended up buying two extra bottles this weekend (very cheap!) to give me a little leeway for washing, since I was using pretty much every bottle we had in a 24-hour cycle.  The ones I got (made by Similac, the formula company) seem to mix better than the drop-ins we've always used.  I'd rather keep the new ones at home since I can mix them up quicker, but the drop-ins are nice for daycare since the gross part can be tossed.

It's a little more of a task to get both kids checked in and dropped off in the morning, and I always have to take two trips to the car to pack us up, but so far we're getting through without any crazy late mornings.  Saying goodbyes is always tough, but I know the drill and I'm used to it.  Emotionally it's tough at times, and finishing maternity leave was tougher this time, even if dropping Carter off was actually easier.  That time was precious, both because I could spend it with my baby and because it afforded me the ability to accomplish other things around the house.

Now, my big challenge is the evenings.  Getting in time with both kids, cooking dinner, feeding Carter, washing dishes, washing bottles, preparing for the next day, and getting in a little time for myself (like this blog--it is therapeutic!) is hard.  That's not even getting in laundry or the long list of things I should be doing, like thank you notes, Christening invitations, and birth announcements, which are all horribly overdue.  I wanted to try to do them all at once since they've gone this long and stamps aren't cheap these days, but getting time to get on our computer that has the programs that I need has not been easy.  Carter's baby book is still sitting untouched.  I would love to go on a date with Craig to go see "42".  The house is a bit of a disaster, with piles of stuff everywhere and the Easter decorations half taken down but not replaced.  With all of that going on, sleep suffers, and I need that too.  If I'm this bad one week in, I wonder how it will be as time goes on.

Anyway, today Carter turned two months old!  The first month went so quick and this last one went a little slower.  I think that's because of all we went through with breastfeeding and was just more mentally draining, while the first month was physically draining but mercifully exhausting enough that it's one big blur.  It's going quite fast, though!  Here is Carter's second month picture.  I can't believe how much he's changed since last month!

He sat up so much better, his head looks giant, and he's definitely got his baby pudge now, at least in his face.  He's so much more aware, too!  I just wish I could have gotten him to smile, since he's doing a lot more of that these days...
Just one more thought for today...Earlier today two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon.  Currently they're saying three people are dead and over 100 are injured.  One of the dead is an eight-year-old boy.  My heart breaks for everyone involved, from the families of the dead, to the injured, to the spectators, runners, and everyone else.  The injuries are terrible.  The fact that a child was killed and more were injured just makes me sick.  As someone who pretends to be a runner (haha), that someone would use this great event that promotes health and strength as their place to hurt people just angers me so much.  These people were at this event for fun--after intense training to run it, or just being there to support everyone--and they end up dead or injured.  Horrific.  Sometimes I wonder what kind of world we brought our two kids into.  I worry for their futures.  By the time they're older, will anywhere be safe?  We can't live in fear, but you can't help but wonder what this world is coming to.  I'm so sad for everyone involved and pray that we're never touched closely by an incident like this.  There are too many these days, and there's no reason it couldn't happen to us.  But I pray it doesn't, and I pray for those to whom it already did.  Horrible.  Simply horrible.

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