Saturday, April 20, 2013

News & Notes: The Delayed Spring Edition

After a few days this week in the 70s, we're back to crappy weather for the weekend.  It's been windy pretty much since Carter was born--seriously, I think we've probably had at least one wind advisory every single week since--and we get a bonus of low 40s and rain for today.  Ewww.  So much for getting out and jogging or taking the baby for a walk.  One of these months...

Let's see, what else is up?

Carter's been doing some hardcore smiling for a week or so now.  He really got going last weekend.  He's still a little stingy with them, and you can't always get one when you want it, but when he does them it's incredibly cute.  Sometimes he gets on these major kicks where he'll be throwing out smile after smile, along with a series of adorable baby noises.  One of these days I have to get it on video.  He's been charming the daycare ladies with them, and I've been trying to squeeze out a few during the limited time I have with him.

He's still got the diaper rash from hell, but I think we're finally gaining on it.  I have never seen anything like it.  He's got these little dots inside the crack, and then bigger sores on the outside.  They're bright red and they often bleed.  They're just so raw.  It's hard to make any progress because he pees and poops constantly.  He's been on anti-fungal ointment and hydrocortisone cream for a couple weeks now.  It hadn't been getting any better, but this morning it looked slightly better, so I'm hoping we're on the way down now.  We're supposed to use the ointment four times per day, the hydrocortisone twice, and use diaper rash cream as much as possible.  I was realizing, however, that all of that stuff was making it pretty moist in there still.  So, now I use baby powder when I apply the ointment or cream, and diaper rash cream the rest of the time.  I never used baby powder the first time around, but this time I definitely see it serving a purpose.  Every baby is different, I guess.  He's gotten better about screaming during diaper changes, but who can blame him when he does?

The big news of the week is that we seem to be much closer to consistently getting some sleep.  A couple nights this week he went from about 9:30pm to 5:30am.  The bad news of that is the 5:30am wakeup call, since I don't get to go back to bed after that because of how the timing works out.  The good news is that it affords me one solid chunk of sleep instead of two small ones.  It would be great if I could actually get myself to bed on time, though.  I have too much to do in the evenings and end up being up too late to really take full advantage of the sleep.  The last couple nights he's gone from about 10pm to 6:30am, which was even better.  When we came downstairs to eat Friday morning, we turned on the TV to the news that one of the Boston Marathon suspects had been killed and the other was on the loose.  That was quite a shock.  And by that evening, we watched as they captured the other guy.  Amazing.  Of course, in order to get that much sleep from him, it involves some hardcore cluster feeding in the evenings.  He'll down one five ounce bottle somewhere between 4pm and 6pm, a four-ouncer around 7-7:30, and another five-ouncer around 9:30.  That is a lot for that small stomach!  But hey, whatever works.   

Have I mentioned that Carter has a giant birthmark on his back?  Shortly after he was born I noticed a slight skin discoloration, where it was just off of the rest of his skin tone.  By the time he was a week old, it had turned red, and within a month or so it was raised.  It's supposedly a pretty standard birthmark, which will probably continue to be red and raised at least for the next six months or so, and then slowly start to fade away.  It should eventually fade completely, which blows my mind, because it's pretty intense right now.  Fortunately it doesn't bother him at all.  From what I read he was more at risk for this because he came early, but who knows.  I think I had a very small one of those on my chest when I was little, and it faded away by the time I was probably in elementary school.  Here's a picture I took a while back...

As for me...well, things are going okay.  I'm a little frustrated at the moment because I'm still up about 5-7 pounds and have leveled off.  The fact that I'm no longer breastfeeding makes it harder than ever to lose that weight, and my inconsistent workouts aren't helping matters.  Craig's busy with work, the weather has not been cooperative, and this week we had to go to the funeral home for a friend's mom on the night I would have probably gone out for a run.  My class once a week is great, but those runs are what will make a major difference.  And right now it's just not happening.  I've picked up some bad snacking habits over the past 10 months or so, and I'm slowly trying to wean myself off of that.  It's not easy, though.  My stomach is so flabby and my hips are still a little bigger than would be ideal.  Pants are a bit of a challenge right now and shirts are very hit-or-miss.  I can't suck my stomach in as well as I'd like, and most of my pants are just a little tight, which leaves me with major muffin top issues.  I'm just dying to get back in shape so my clothes fit me again.  I'm a little worried that the hips are more of a structural issue than a fat issue (meaning, that they spread), which would be bad because that will make it hard to ever fit in my pants again.  I know my body has every right to change after pregnancy, and I don't need it to be perfect, but I'd like to fit in my clothes again so I don't have to worry about buying a new wardrobe.  As for the rest of my body, it's still trying to get itself worked out a bit.  Birth control has not yet regulated my cycle, for example.  That is beyond frustrating.  But thankfully, the one thing that is back to normal is my chest.  That has been nice, aside from the fact that the big chest probably distracted everyone from my stomach (or at least balanced it all out).  I know that my body went through a lot with this pregnancy and I shouldn't beat myself up two months out, but still...I'm ready for everything to be as close to back to normal as possible. 

It's been a busy first half of the weekend already, and we have more fun to come tomorrow.  But for tonight, it is long past my bedtime.  Ugh, why am I so compelled to write!?

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