Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conquering Saturday

One of my goals for maternity leave was to take a shower every day.  I know that doesn't sound like much--and really, I don't think it is--but based on what I see on "A Baby Story" sometimes, apparently for a lot of people that is an accomplishment.  And up until yesterday, I think I had done it.  But then yesterday morning hit, and it was all down the tubes...but fortunately, not all was lost.  We ended up having quite a day, and truly, the shower would have been the least of my accomplishments.

I think I mentioned the other day that Carter has diaper rash.  It's been around for a little over a week.  It even bled a couple times, but no matter what I do to it, it doesn't seem to want to go away.  It only seemed to be getting worse, and I was starting to worry that it was a yeast infection-based one, because everything I was reading said that they don't go away with traditional treatment.  It looked different than I recall, too, so I was concerned.  I called the doctor around 10am, and they asked if we could come in right away.  Well, I hadn't showered or dressed yet, and Jacob was still in his pajamas, too.  So, no shower could be had.  We rushed around to get ready, and off we went.  The doctor prescribed hydrocortisone to help it heal, and an anti-fungal cream in case it was yeast-based.  She didn't think it really was, but she saw spots that looked like they might be the start of it.  She said just one bad diaper can kick it off, and once that happens it's often a losing battle.  She recommended to let it air out (which, I'm not sure how to do if I don't want things sprayed in poop), and the pharmacist (who's actually a friend of mine from way back) suggested giving up wipes and using a washcloth instead.  Ewww.  We'll see about those suggestions.  But in the meantime I'm using the anti-fungal stuff (the hydrocortisone wasn't in stock so we'll get that Monday) and I got the name-brand diaper rash cream because, despite having the same active ingredients, the store brand stuff seemed watery.  We'll see.

After that, we came home for lunch.  Jacob expressed a desire to play Play-doh, but I had suggested a trip to the zoo since it was sunny and close to 50 degrees.  Well, it turned out that Carter had to eat anyway, so I pulled out the Play-doh stuff and let Jacob go to it while I fed Carter and finished packing up for the zoo.  I decided in the middle of it all that I might as well pack for the full day so we didn't have to come all the way home before the Knighthawks game, which was tentatively on the schedule if Jacob behaved.  It was a lot to plan for, potentially three bottles and lots of diapers and backup clothes, along with the usual load of stuff Jacob takes to lacrosse games--his stick, ball, and jersey--but I managed to do it without forgetting anything.

We headed out around 2pm and I decided on the way to use a free car wash I had, since my car was filthy and it was one of the first nice days I could use it.  Well, the line was crazy long so I decided against it to save time and we moved along to the zoo, which was also packed.  However, the zoo manages crowds pretty well, so everything was fine.  We walked around with a sleeping Carter in the stroller and checked out the animals, which were all pretty active.  The orangutans were using sticks to eat their snack (which is an enrichment activity the zookeepers do with them), the spider monkeys were chasing each other all over the place, and even the rhinos were playing with their "toys".  The otters, who we almost never see, were out and active.  We saw both polar bears (which, again, almost never happens), and the baboons were playing hide-and-seek.  Even some of the less active animals were sitting in good spots for viewing.  We even caught a glimpse of the golden lion tamarin baby.  It was born in March and was so tiny!  When we finished, I decided that I might as well feed Carter in the monkey house so we had something to watch while I did it.  Jacob still got a little bored, but it was better than nothing.  I also changed his diaper in the middle of the monkey house.  There wasn't a close bathroom, and since it already smelled like poop in there anyway...why not?  Jacob was pretty great during the whole trip, and I even let him go into the top of the double decker bus observation deck alone, since the stroller couldn't go up there.  When he's being good, he can be such a big boy!

Our next stop was Walmart, though we had a detour along the way when a different car wash location was far less busy than the other one.  My car actually looks blue again!  We did a quick stop at Walmart to shop for a couple things, and the trip was almost a disaster because Jacob nodded off just as we were parking.  He whined his way through the store as a result, but luckily dinner perked him up.  We did our usual Taco Bell stop, then headed off to the Knighthawks game.

When we arrived, I quickly realized I forgot that the game time was changed to 6pm from the usual 7:30.  Oops.  So, we were an hour late.  That wasn't an entirely bad thing since Carter was with us, and we weren't planning on staying for the whole game anyway, so the early time meant we could stay until the end without completely blowing by bedtime.  We immediately checked out a table of wooden Native American lacrosse sticks that Jacob really wanted to see, then retreated to the media room downstairs in the arena where it would be quiet enough to feed Carter in peace.  It worked out well, thank goodness.  We then headed up to the sound booth to see a few friends and watch the game protected from too much extra noise.  Jacob likes sitting on one of the counter height chairs and is usually treated to a snack from the arena workers.  Carter slept soundly in the Baby Bjorn carrier for most of it.  Other than feeling a bit like a pack mule, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went.  The Knighthawks won, too!  We got home around 9:30, within a reasonable bedtime window for Jacob and at the perfect time for Carter to eat before bed.

We crammed a lot into one day, but at the end of the day I felt like I had truly accomplished something impressive.  I spent about seven hours outside the house with two kids, one of which was an infant, and had no major issues.  We also managed the doctor's visit and some quality playtime before that, so all in all it was a great day.  It was probably luck more than anything, but it felt really good to accomplish nonetheless.

Here are a few pics from the zoo (and yes, I'm terrible about taking pictures with the kids.  Jacob is not much of a poser and Carter was hiding in the stroller keeping warm)...

Spider monkey hanging on the bars...their tails wrap around things and they can even hang from them!

Gotta love the polar bears.  Hard to tell from this picture, but this one is SO big.

The lions are so gorgeous, particularly the male.

If you can click on this pic to see it bigger, do it.  It's not easy to see, but the golden lion tamarin  baby is there above the parent's head.  The baby just sort of hangs out there a lot, i guess.  Keep in mind that the parent is maybe six inches tall, and the baby's head is probably about the size of a quarter.  Little!

I loved how this meerkat was just chillin' out up against the glass.   Nice.
Anyway, it was a nice day in the middle of a single parenting weekend.  Craig was gone today and while the boys weren't intolerable, let's just say I was high in demand.  Add into that the preparations for tomorrow and it was a bit of a tough day.  Not bad, just tough.  I'm sure I'll have all sorts of thoughts on tomorrow's return to the real world, so stay tuned for that...

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Amanda said...

The thought of using a washcloth always kind of grossed me out but the last time my little one had a really bad rash, I bought those Kleenex hand towels and for diaper change would fill a small squirt bottle with lukewarm water.

Squirt to rinse the area really well and Kleenex towel to wipe. Towel went to trash and all was well in the world. Turned out the wipes even the natural, unscented ones irritated her skin.

Hope he clears up soon.