Saturday, March 2, 2013

News & Notes, the Two Weeks Old Edition (with pics!)

Carter turned two weeks old last night.  I can hardly believe it.  I'm technically a third of the way through my maternity leave, though I'm taking an extra week of vacation so I'm not quite there yet.  I'm really appreciating maternity leave so much more this time.  Perhaps it's because I'm not sitting in a sweltering house with a baby who won't nap--in fact, it's practically the direct opposite--but regardless, I feel like there's so much more of an ease to it than last time.  I don't know if I was more worried about being tired, or if Jacob really was that much harder, or what...but this time has been downright blissful in comparison.  I'm a little worried it's going to be way harder to go back this time.

I can't even describe what a relief it is to feel comfortable in my own body again.  Because I was never that uncomfortable last time, I think I missed being pregnant more last time.  My belly felt empty without the kicks and the constant (quiet) companionship.  This time, I think it was such a relief to not feel so ridiculously uncomfortable that I haven't really missed being pregnant at all.  I mean, I have moments where I'm sorry that phase is over because it is such a unique experience, but I'm okay with it being done.  There are still moments where I can't believe it is over--that over eight months of build-up (plus more than a year before that of trying) was over in twelve hours of craziness!  I don't know if I was expecting more or if it's just that I was still sort of expecting to be pregnant at this point, but once in a while it just catches me off-guard that I'm not pregnant anymore.  But I so appreciate being able to move around and sleep comfortably.  I can lounge with Jacob on his bed at night, stand at the sink without a sore back, bend over without discomfort, and sit without having aches and pains from one body part or another.  It's so amazing to feel so good, particularly now that I'm feeling so much better after the delivery.  Most of my discomfort is gone, and I'm also having considerably less engorgement discomfort, too.

Watching "A Baby Story" a ton while I've been home has been sort of an interesting thing.  It gives me more of an appreciation for what I've been through.  It's given me the opportunity to relive the moment Carter was born quite a bit, because it was such a great moment.  With Jacob, I was so exhausted and in so much pain.  I was expecting a lot of relief the second he was born, and it didn't happen, which was disappointing.  It was awesome when he was born, but I was so disoriented that I don't think I really got to enjoy it.  This time I was still in a lot of pain, but there was a definite decrease in pain when Carter was born and I was conscious enough to enjoy the moment when they put him on my chest.  It was pretty amazing, and if I'm sad about anything having to do with not having more kids, that's probably one of the big things I'll miss not being able to experience again (however, the hour that preceded it was pretty miserable and I will NOT miss doing that again.). 

Yesterday was Carter's two-week checkup.  I was very nervous about his weight, since he didn't feel any heavier to me and didn't seem to be fitting into his clothes any differently.  He'd also been a little hot and cold on feedings in the days leading up to the appointment.  But when they put him on the scale, much to my surprise, he'd gained nearly a pound!  He clocked in at 6 pounds, 12 oz., which blows away his birth weight by over half a pound!  Now he's pretty much the size Jacob was when he was born.  The doctor checked on his belly button, which has been oozing blood a bit since his stump fell off, but she said that should be fine within another week or so.  His circumcision has healed as well.  Everything else checked out perfectly and we don't have to go back for another three weeks.  It was so good to hear he is growing and everything seems to be exactly as it should be.  Because he was early he will be measured by his due date for the next two years, so it won't be a surprise if he doesn't hit milestones when they'd normally be expected for how old he actually is based on his birth date. 

And now for a few pictures...starting with Jacob holding his brother for the first time.  We had to bribe him.
Do Jacob's legs look a mile long, or what?

A look at how Carter still wants to be in utero.  He wants to be all curled up!

A look at him in just his diaper after his first real bath, which he hated...which isn't surprising considering how he still screams through diaper changes.  I liked having pictures like this of Jacob because the changing pad was a good measure of how he grew.
Look at the chicken legs!

And a sleepy shot with a smile...I love having my iPod with me constantly so I can catch shots like this...

Life is good right now, despite Jacob's continued disinterest in his brother and the fact that Craig is on a roadtrip for the weekend.  My parents are here today, which is nice.  Jacob and I had a chance to go out by ourselves for some lunch and a trip to the library.  Hopefully he appreciated the solo time!  It's too bad it's so rare right now, but it won't be like this forever!  I'm just trying to appreciate each moment for what it is, while it lasts.  I know how quickly it goes!

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