Friday, August 3, 2012

Playground Fun

Before the whole stomach bug debacle on Sunday, we did manage to sneak in some fun.  Actually, the best fun of the weekend was at the beach in between puke episodes, but I forgot to bring my camera down there, which is just as well since sand and cameras don't always mix well.  Jacob had fun filling pails of water with sand, and we made a couple feeble attempts at building, but mostly he was pretending to make me gross-sounding food and encouraging me to eat it. 

The night before, after the first time he told us his belly hurt (but nothing happened), we stopped at a playground near my parents' house that we'd never visited before.  The pictures aren't great because the sun was at a funny angle, but you get the idea.

Here he is on a space shuttle ride...

And I love this one with Jacob and Grandpa on a Yogi Bear teeter totter.  They were so funny to watch!

Darn shadows...
And then there was one of these...
Based on the ride on this that I took with Jacob, I'm not sure I'm cut out for spinning rides any longer. It's been a while since I've been to an amusement park (so sad!) but I may have officially lost my ability to spin! It could have been the big dinner I had just eaten, but
He spent the rest of the time on the bigger playset you see in the background, including that tunnel slide.  He's become a master at slowing himself down on slides.  He no longer seems to have the fear he had at the top of slides, when he'd chicken out, but now he uses his feet as insurance that he won't go flying off.  He'll get into speed eventually and will be begging for waxed paper in no time.  Oh, wait...all the slides are plastic now...not sure that will still work!  He is, however, still afraid of playground bridges.  Definitely needs a lot of help to get across them.  Mommy is still scared of big drop offs on playground equipment (thanks to this experience), so I get a little concerned when Jacob ventures too close to any sort of open drop on those playsets.  He's pretty much an old pro thanks to lots of playground time at daycare, but he's still my clumsy little boy sometimes!

In other news, Jacob is good as new.  Monday when we stayed home he ate and drank just fine, so apparently it was just a 24 hour (or less) bug.  And even better, neither Craig nor I caught it.  Whew.  His car seat has been restored to functionality as well, which is good.  In the middle of the disaster I wasn't confident that would be the case....though the $150-200 price tag that goes with those bad boys was a pretty good motivator to make it work!

Now we're through another week of work/daycare, and the end of summer is drawing ever closer.  A couple weeks ago I was feeling some panic about cramming in some extra summer activities, and while I'm still hoping we can come up with some fun things to do with a couple spare vacation days I have to use, the panic has subsided a bit.  It's just been too darn hot to run out and do stuff, and Jacob is content playing in the yard or working on the massive Legoland that has cropped up in the middle of our living room.  Craig's busy weekends are slowly coming to an end, as well, so once lacrosse is done for the summer we might get a little more motivated.  We'll get there. 

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