Friday, January 27, 2012


Seeing your child in pain is one of the worst things ever.  Even if you know it's common pain and something they will get over, it's hard. 

The last few days Jacob has been complaining of a sore butt.  Now that he's potty trained and has had very few run-ins with constipation, I guess I figured we might be past the stage of down-there discomfort.  But apparently not.  The other night when he first complained about it, I took a look and it was, in fact, a bit red.  It looked like it could use some extra wiping, like maybe he pooped at daycare and it didn't get wiped well enough, or maybe he farted and a little sneaked out.  I knew that having even that little bit against his skin could make things a little raw, so I wiped him and figured we were done with it. 

But then it happened again the next day, and when I went to check it, there was a little bit of watery poop there this time.  Which made me think maybe he was getting a case of diarrhea and that's what was causing his issues.  But no, he pooped (with much angst) and it was mostly solid.  Nothing large either. 

Last night he was absolutely miserable around bedtime, to the point I put on diaper rash cream when I put on his nighttime diaper.  He struggled and screamed through his time on the potty and the cream application, and it was pretty awful to watch.  He just would not calm down.  This morning he initially seemed fine.  But then I made him go potty and he freaked out.  He didn't go and then wanted to go back to his room, so we did and I put a little more cream on, just in case.  But shortly thereafter, he said he had to poop and we ran back to the bathroom.  It was a really painful one for him to get out, even though the size wasn't anything major, but he did it...and after that he seemed fine. 

When I brought it up at daycare, they confirmed that he had been having issues with needing to poop but nothing coming out, and him saying his butt was sore.  So, at least it's not just us. 

But the question remains--what is it?  Did he have one big poop that tore him up a bit and it can't quite heal?  For the record, this kid can get out frighteningly large poops without flinching, including one the other night--pain-free--in about five seconds, tops.  So if that's the case, I don't know why it would just be happening now.  Might he have some minor irritation that's making his poop sting?  Or is he suddenly having a problem with extra strong urges that make him push more than normal?  Can kids even get hemorrhoids?

I'm going to just wait it out over the weekend and see if it happens again.  If not, I'll assume that he healed up and all is well.  If it happens again, I guess it'll be worth calling the doctor.  I'll probably hear all of the usual stuff--suppositories, stool softeners, fiber, juice, prunes--anything to get him going, but softly.  But whatever it takes to not go through another round of Jacob screaming or writhing in pain.  It was so hard to watch that.  We've all been there, and it bums me out that he has to be there, too.  He probably doesn't remember the few times that he had trouble when he was a baby, so this is most likely a foreign concept to him.  He doesn't know why pooping hurts him, and the last thing I want him to do is hold his poop for fear of hurting himself, because that will only make it worse.  It's hard, but in the meantime we just have to do what we can to support him when it happens...encourage him, become deeply reacquainted with his nether regions, and hug him through it all.  Poor baby.

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