Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hot Stuff

When Jacob was born with a dimple, I remember a lot of people saying that he'd be a heartbreaker courtesy of that dimple alone.  I've continued to hear it all along for the past three and a half years.  And now, it appears that he's finally got the personality to go along with it.

Right around Christmas, one of Jacob's teachers had a friend come in to help out.  Her name was Emily.  Apparently Jacob and Miss Emily hit it off.  I don't know what the draw was, but he'd wake up from nap and give her hugs and cuddle with her whenever he had the chance.  I never got to see her, and presumably she won't be around a lot, but it was certainly intriguing that he took to her so quickly.

Over the past few months he's talked quite a bit about inviting his teachers over, or going to their houses.  He's talked about going on dates with them.  Jacob told one of his teachers that they should go on a date, and since Catwoman is Batman's girlfriend in the one movie he watches, she could be Catwoman.  When she said that she wished she had a body like Catwoman, Jacob told her that she had  "boobies like Catwoman".  Awesome.  Yesterday he and this teacher went on a "date" that apparently involved a movie (that they shared with the rest of the class), and Jacob was offering to give her smooches during the movie.  And today he said he gave her a rink and they got married.  Where the heck does he get this stuff?!  Pretty sure it's not from us.

For all his bad boy ways that got him into such trouble over the last year or two, he sure seems to have some big fans.  One day one of his current teachers and one of his former teachers were giggling about how they love his laugh and think he is just too cute.  I've heard quite a bit lately about what a good boy he's been lately, and admittedly, it's really nice to hear.  After all, a year ago he was the one inspiring the sticker chart in his old classroom.  I'm not sure what accounts for the difference, but perhaps it's maturity, or perhaps it's less boredom.  Either way, it's a nice change of pace.

I'm not quite sure what this means for the future.  I figured my sports-obsessed boy wouldn't even see girls for at least a good 12 years, but apparently he's jumping ahead to the older women.  I'm sure it means nothing, but I guess it's good to know that we may have a mini-playboy on our hands.  At least I've got a few more years to adjust.
While my little boy may have the hots for his teacher, thankfully he no longer has the "hots" in his body.  He seems to be considerably better after his traumatic triple feature of illnesses last week.  Stomach bug, strep throat, and pneumonia...crazy.  He's still getting the nebulizer and still has a few days left of the amoxicillin.  But for the most part the problems are done.  We're still dealing with some residual behavior issues, but who knows if it's still from the prednisone, which is done now, or the culmination of his eased boundaries last week.  I'm relieved the worst is over, but hopefully we'll get back on track behavior-wise soon. 

Ironically, yesterday I got a box in the mail that would have been helpful last week.  I had forgotten that I had signed up a while back to be a mom tester for Parenting, to try out a new product--a digital thermometer.  I really could have used it last week!  The ear thermometer we have just doesn't seem to be consistent.  It's based too much on angle and it's too hard to get right on Jacob, let alone ever using it on myself.  Turns out this new one is pretty good...and we get to keep it for free!  It's a Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer, and it's quick, painless, and easier to position.  I'm so excited about it that I'm talking about it here--and I don't have to...I'm not that popular of a blogger!  And in case you want to get one, you can enter coupon code SHARE20 at checkout via and  Seemed like a waste not to share the code, so why not here?

Anyway, I'm happy Jacob is feeling better, and increasingly amused by the silly, enchanting, complex little boy he's becoming. 

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