Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fading Fast...

I was all ready to blog about my simultaneous joy and angst about a potentially solo weekend coming up next weekend, but the weekend arrival of Hurricane Irene changed those plans.  Craig and Jacob were supposed to be going on a trip with most of Craig's family. However, their destination was in the Mid-Atlantic region, pretty much right in the path of Irene at this point.  Our nephew's baseball tournament that they were going to watch has been postponed, so the good news is that I won't be alone on my birthday, but the bad news is that I won't get to experience days of solo time for the first time in years.  So much for that to do list...for now, anyway. 
This weekend, Jacob and I have been on our own.  Craig is on the road again...but with an added twist this time.  He's at the Major League Lacrosse Championship weekend, and the team he works for (the Hamilton Nationals) won yesterday and are playing for the championship today.  What's the twist?  Well...the games are taking place in Annapolis, MD, which means he was right in the middle of the big red streak you've been seeing on your TV screen the last few days, the storm track for Hurricane Irene.  They were on the edge of the worst part of it, but Annapolis had a lot of the boarding up, taping windows, and sandbagging that you usually see with these storms.  The wind and rain were pretty awful for yesterday's games, but other than some residual wind, they should be fine for today's game.  Still, it was pretty nervewracking having him there, and we're still not sure how his flight home is going to go.  It was canceled, but now it's back on because it's late enough to be after the airport reopens.  We'll see.  Needless to say, it's been an eventful trip.

In the meantime, I'm going to bemoan the end of summer.  It wasn't that long ago that I was concerned about how long it was taking for summer to get going, and now here it is, the second to last weekend of summer.  If I look at my pictures I'm surprised at how much we did.  But there were so many things on the list that we didn't do, or didn't do enough of.  We went on vacation, we went to baseball games, we played outside, we kept our pool clear, and we went to all sorts of picnics and parties.  But we didn't do nearly enough mini-golfing or zoo visiting, we didn't make it to the drive-in, we didn't go to a Rhinos game (but we did see one game for the WNY Flash women's team, which won the league championship yesterday), and we didn't spend nearly enough time in the pool (heck, Jacob never went in!), on our patio, or enjoying our new porch furniture.  The weather was lovely (albeit HOT), but the bugs were brutal making evenings tough.  I finally got around to riding my bike, but not as much as I would have liked. 

At the end of day (or perhaps, the summer), I don't think I'll ever feel like we squeezed all we could out of our summer until one or both of us doesn't spend all day every summer weekday sitting in an office.  That's such a huge chunk of time that could have been spent doing all that other stuff.  I know it's impossible, but still...there will only be so many summers when Jacob is young, and it's a bummer to know we're missing out.  It's hard, though, because I often wonder if we should have better use of our time...but I also know that Jacob's interests aren't that broad and he's happiest just playing baseball in the front yard.  Tough balance between fulfilling his wishes and pushing him to try new things (and getting done what we have to do, too).  Not enough hours, that's for sure.

I know that it's only the end of August and we still have at least a month of decent temperatures and pleasant weather.  The risk of crappy weather increases, of course, but my hope is that we can fill some weekends coming up with a few of the items above now that Craig's work will be slowing back down again.  And beyond that are the crisp, cool weekends of October, the pumpkin patch, fall leaves, and the start of hockey season--but without the hardcore work schedule that has always been a part of that time in our life together.  Ramping down the pressure to always be doing something fun and enjoy the weather isn't such a bad thing sometimes.

Even still, the loss of pristine warm weather and the full time fun that comes with summer is a bit of a bummer.  I don't like knowing the weather will only get colder and the days will only get shorter.  Crisp, warmish fall days are always a little bittersweet...beautiful weather and blue skies are great, but knowing that it's the beginning of the end is a little sad.  I always associate those kind of days with going back to school (which I don't miss), those first few weeks back at college (which I do miss), and the kind of day it was on the September 11th, ten years ago. 

I know we need to maximize the rest of summer (it does go a few weeks into September, after all), but I'll be sad to see it go.  If all goes well, our entire world could be changed up by next summer, so I guess it's hard to see this one go knowing that it might be a while before things are back to some semblance of normal during this sort of summer weather.  Crazy. 

Well, since it's not that nice today (thanks Irene), I'm off to take a bit of a nap.  Much always.

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