Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remember this? (And NO, this is NOT an announcement)

I just realized that three years ago today we had our first ultrasound. I knew it was right around this time, but when I checked the images, I saw that they were dated December 7th. Crazy.

Somewhere in there you'll see a tiny Jacob. I will never forget sitting there watching it all happen, being absolutely shocked about how formed the baby was. I expected an amorphous blob, and here was a real actual baby. He even moved around while we were watching, which was unreal to see. Little arms and legs that I never expected would be there yet. I remember leaving there on this incredible high, so excited about our future but still scared out of my mind. We were leaving in a few days for our Florida trip, so that made things even more unknown. But I was so excited anyway, and sort of dying inside that we couldn't tell anyone until Christmas!

It is so amazing to look at that picture and know that it's Jacob. What a difference three years has made!

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