Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Words...

A funny thing happened the other night that made me realize how much Jacob is growing up. And it was such a tiny little thing. He said, "Hi Daddy!" Now, he's been saying "Hi" and "Daddy" for a long time now, but that was the first time I heard him put those words together into a phrase. And it struck me how big that was, and what a difference putting those two words together makes. A couple weeks ago he started saying "hockey puck", and "hockey stick" wasn't far behind. And just the fact that he's starting to string words together is amazing. He still uses a lot of incoherent chatter when he's talking, but he's definitely starting to use words more often. We get a lot of "hockey", "doggie", "Amerks", "Knighthawks", "ball", "basketball", and "star", among other words, but he's definitely expanding his vocabulary a lot lately. "Duck" is a new favorite, and he started saying "lacrosse" a few days ago, though it comes out more as "cross", which he can identify by the right name as well. He's saying "box" a lot lately since we have a lot of those sitting around the house. He does well with animal sounds and seems to be learning his books a little as well. There are a couple he knows parts of, even if it's just knowing that there's a "shhhhh" at the end of his Goodnight Moon counting book. It's amazing to see the wheels turning. And while he still has his moments, he can be so smiley these days. He's been so good lately that it makes me a little more nervous about the move, since a lot is going to change in the next week.

Speaking of which...we're getting ever closer to the big move. We got our official closing date on Friday, for the following Friday. We'll be moving on Saturday. We pretty much have one day to move, which is scaring me to death since I was hoping to spread it out over a couple days. But no such luck. But on the bright side, a week from now the worst will be over. My parents came up yesterday to keep Jacob busy for the day while Craig and I packed. We made a lot of progress, but we still have quite a bit to do. I haven't touched Jacob's room or any of his toys. I still have to take down and wrap up all of our framed pictures, and I still have a handful of knicknacks to wrap and pack. I haven't touched the kitchen either but I'll still be using some of what's there so I'm going to have to really think about what I pack. I still have a couple shelves in my closet, our front hall closet, and our linen closet to do as well. Hopefully I'll have the energy (or urgency) to get stuff done each night this week. I'll have off Friday for the closing, so hopefully I can get more done then, too, especially while Jacob's at daycare. Craig's working Friday night and the rest of the weekend, though he's going to try to cut out a bit wherever he can. I'm mostly just worried about the last minute stuff (taking apart beds, the crib, our massive desk, and figuring out all of the stuff that I don't want to forget. I still have a boatload of calling to do since I couldn't do anything Friday. We still need to confirm the movers, for example. I have to change over utilities and change so many addresses. Too much to think about! Should be an interesting week!

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