Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Trading Spaces, where art thou?

I'm not a great decorator. Yeah, I can at least put a room together somewhat tastefully. It's not going to look like a magazine, but I think I can generally match colors and keep things somewhat tasteful. Of course, it helps when you keep things simple, hence the mostly white walls in our current house. The one room we did decorate in our house now was the living room. We painted the far wall a deep red and the rest of the walls a butterscotch color, both specially selected based on the colors of our new furniture that we bought when we bought the house. I was inspired by Trading Spaces to use a daring color like red, and to do the accent wall in general. The red was a pain to paint--lots of coats--but the result was fantastic. I still love the look of that room and will miss it a lot. Thankfully, our new dining room is a deep red as well, so I'll still get my fix. The new living room walls are too high to paint easily or cheaply (thanks, cathedral ceiling), so they'll be staying the pleasant taupe color they already are. So, with this move, the one piece of proof that I can decorate a room will be little more than a memory.

The whole room decorating thing came up a bit when Jacob was still in utero and we were deciding what to do with his room. And actually, baby nursery decor is what sparked this post today. A friend of ours just posted pictures of her new baby's nursery, and I must say, she did a great job. She did this cool color blocking on the walls, put one of those neat decals above the crib with a sweet saying, and hung colorful paper lanterns from the ceiling. It looks really cute. And really, when you know your baby's gender it's a heck of a lot easier to decorate. I definitely struggled with crib sets when I wasn't sure if we could get our beloved but discontinued Baby Snoopy set that was the most gender-neutral I'd seen. Everything was either pink or blue-based...even the stuff that was meant to be neutral. I would have gladly put up something that was all green, but do you know how hard it was to find something like that that wasn't a designer look at a designer price? Yeah. Anyway...once we had our Baby Snoopy set, I had thoughts of putting up the matching border or painting something in the room with the same sort of bluish-purple color that dominates the set. But, alas, between pregnancy energy loss, my fear of paint fumes while pregnant, and Craig's busy weekends, it never happened. The room stayed white and I did what I could with what we had. This post and this one show the finished results. I thought that hanging the bumper like a border was near genius, and it will be among the things I will be the most nostalgic to take down pre-move. So, considering that we didn't paint anything, I think Jacob's room was simple and cute. It was perfectly acceptable. But as I mentioned the other day, Jacob's future room is purple. The room itself is a light purple, and the trim is a darker shade. So...yeah. We have some painting to do. Whether we just do it white or decide to get a little more creative while we have the chance, I'm not sure. But I just want to get it done soon, one way or another.

One of the things that made me cringe most as I packed it was our batch of painting supplies. Sometime before Jacob was born, we bought a can of paint. It's a pretty green, I think somewhere between a sage and a mint. It was supposed to go in our ugly kitchen, with the thought that the green might distract from the ugly cabinets and bring out the white tile backsplash. Well, between concerns about paint fumes and Craig's busy schedule, it never happened. That can of paint sat in our basement all this time, with all of the new rollers we bought with it, and now it's coming with us to the new house even though there really isn't anywhere for it to go at this point. I'm actually hoping it's a perfect green to go with the Baby Snoopy stuff, but I'm pretty sure it's not since that's more on the lime green spectrum. Anyway, there are some things that will need tweaking in the new house and I'm a little nervous about how long it will take us to coordinate it and get it done. Will Jacob's room still be purple when it's time for a new baby to take over? Will the wallpaper that we're not sure about in the kitchen still be there years from now, just because we haven't figured out how or when to change it?

It's a little frustrating, because it doesn't seem like stuff like this should be that hard, but when you've got a busy toddler and a full schedule of weekends (from fall on Craig is usually working, and if he's not, we're usually off visiting family or doing whatever we couldn't do when Craig was busy all those weekends), it's hard to make the time. It probably also doesn't help that I'm not quite as inspired these days. I used to watch home design shows all the time, but now I don't have the time or energy (not to mention that many of them aren't on the air anymore), so the cute, easy fixes and fun color palettes aren't exactly at the top of my mind these days. And without a major inspiration there isn't much of a push to get stuff like that done, because if it's not an inspired choice that I know will look great, what's the rush? I don't want to make a random decision and have it look crappy.

Of course, I've only been to the new house a handful of times so I'm still not sure of much. I have thoughts of where certain things might go, but beyond that, unpacking is going to be a big trial-and-error period. Let's hope I do get inspired! If I don't get a chance to blog between now and Saturday, wish us luck! We'll be short on internet access until sometime Tuesday, so I'll give you some updates when I can!

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