Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clothes, Clothes, Everywhere!

One of the things I'm nervous about when it comes to our new house is Jacob's closet. It's the one small closet in the house. And actually, it probably won't be his closet for long, because he will pass along that room to baby #2, whenever that actually happens. But for now Jacob's getting the little bedroom, which is pretty much identical to his current bedroom. It's almost exactly the same size. The door and closet are positioned differently, but for the most part he's going to end up with an almost identical room, I think...assuming we can figure out the timing for painting over the purple walls. Anyway, the closet in that bedroom is pretty small. About the same as what he has now, but it's set up a little differently. There's built in shelves on the top and bottom, which I think will be really handy. But still, it's just a single closet and it's not a lot of space. The rest of the closets in the house, incidentally, will be nice. They don't look huge when you first see them, but both other bedrooms have closets that extend far beyond the opening, so that will be nice. And we'll have full double closets in the front foyer and in the upstairs hallway (linen closet). Can't wait to see how we fit.

Anyway, Jacob's relationship with clothes has been an odd one. When he was first born, we really had very few outfits for him. The good news about not knowing your baby's gender beforehand is that people are hesitant to buy clothes, so they fill up your shower gifts with more useful items. We got a few clothes as gifts shortly after birth, but most of Jacob's first couple months were spent in onesies. Our house was too hot, and really, no one saw us to worry about dressing up anyway. He'd poop out of his diaper about once a day, so why bother trying to clean more clothes? As he's grown, we've gone through a lot of clothes. I think I just finished up bin #3 of outgrown clothes, and that doesn't count any of the stuff that fit him at the end of last summer, which is still in his closet waiting for spring, just in case. And really, I haven't had to buy him much. A few things here and there, for sure, but most of it on clearance or on sale because we really needed it. We've gotten a lot as gifts, and more recently, a TON of hand-me-downs. We got a couple rounds of clothes from friends of ours who have a three-year-old son (they're big Knighthawks fans, and when I worked for the team I was actually instrumental in helping plan his proposal to her!), and we've gotten a bunch from Craig's brother's family. With three boys there, there's a lot to go around! Jacob's a year younger than the youngest, so the timing of seasons generally works out well. The clothes are much appreciated and they've all been in good shape. I especially like having them for daycare, because you never know what shape clothes will come home in. It's nice to have extras that we didn't spend money on or have an emotional attachment to, just in case. But there's also been some nice dress clothes, which usually cost quite a bit, and a lot of pajamas (and you can almost never have too many of those, particularly when they're sick or when you have a kid like Jacob that wakes up with a very wet diaper every morning). It's been such a nice thing to have.

However, there is a downside...I almost don't know where to put them! I have a couple bins set aside that are full of clothes that are still too big. The latest round of hand-me-downs last weekend pretty much filled up any empty space in those. Any that were close to fitting Jacob and were seasonally appropriate got washed and were waiting to be put into his drawers and closet. However, those were already full! One of my biggest problems is that I hate trying to do a trying-on session with Jacob. He hates it, and therefore so do I. Craig is the one that gets him dressed in the mornings, so I rarely have a chance to try things on as we go. I generally just pick out something each morning that I know fits him, and leave the stuff I'm not sure about sitting there until I psych myself up to do a marathon session. Once I clear out stuff that no longer fits, I generally have enough space to work with again.

Well, with a big pile of last week's laundry still sitting on the ottoman in Jacob's room, this morning was the time. I pulled out all of Jacob's pants in his overstuffed top drawer, and sat on the floor. I methodically put on and took off pairs of pants while Jacob tried to play with his little race car track, and despite a little resistance near the end, we got through all of them. I cleared out enough too-short pants to have room for the new ones. Mission accomplished. I should add that Jacob and pants are a bad mix. He is so skinny that pants rarely fit him in the waist at the same time that they're the right length for his legs. It's brutal. There are two pairs of jeans that I'm just cursing right now because they're the perfect length for him and seem ok in the waist (a little loose, yes) but they fall down the second he starts running around! It's so hard to find the right fit! Let's hope "floods" come back in style during his awkward period (sort of like they did in the 60s) so he'll fit right in! Craig was always the tall, skinny kid, and I'm sure Jacob will be too...assuming he starts eating enough to grow tall! Suffice it to say, though, that I am looking forward to shorts season, since a half inch here or there usually doesn't matter!

Once I got the pants worked out, I took all of the summer stuff off hangers and reorganized an organizer in Jacob's closet to fit those in for now. I used the empty space and hangers to hang all of his new hand-me-down shirts, and put all of the outgrown stuff into the aforementioned bin #3. So happy that's done!

The whole clothes thing never ceases to amaze me, because there are so many things that I hate to see him grow out of, and the sheer amount of them is astonishing considering I don't feel like I buy him very much. So many clothes go into those outgrown bins looking almost as nice as they did the day we got them, so I always feel like he didn't wear them enough...yet I know he wears most of his shirts at least once every 2-3 weeks. Yet there are some days that I'm not sure what to put him in because it seems like he just wore everything not that long ago. It's a funny thing.

On the bright side, one of the things I'm looking forward to most about our new house is the massive crawl space that I hope solves every storage issue we have here. The split setup of the house means that we don't have a real basement, at least not a storage-friendly one. However, the crawl space is basically like a 3-4 foot tall basement, and it's beneath the entire main floor of the house (living room, kitchen and dining room). All I've been thinking about every time I finish off another outgrown bin or stash some of Jacob's baby stuff is how nice it would be to have unlimited space to do it. And we'll pretty much have that. We need to keep the baby stuff for now, and it's nice to know that we can just store it and not worry about it taking up valuable space over the next few years. And it will all be waiting for us when the time comes. That will be awesome.

So, I suppose I should do a little packing while Jacob's still sleeping. I have plenty to do and hopefully he'll give me another full hour to do that (::crossing fingers::)...have a nice weekend, everyone!

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