Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a nice weekend in Buffalo this past weekend. Craig finally had a weekend off (first full weekend since the first weekend in January...when, of course, we were hit by the evil stomach bug), so we headed out to spend the weekend with Craig's family who we hadn't seen since Christmas. We had a good time. We spent most of the weekend at his brother's house, which was nice because Jacob could play with his four cousins and I didn't have to worry about him destroying anything because everything was already more or less kid-friendly. Of course, I did have to keep shooing him out of the kitchen while the oven was on and he insisted on playing hockey right there, and I did have to grab him from the stairs a couple dozen times (he made it all the way up once...oops.), but for the most part it was a pretty low-stress weekend when it came to keeping Jacob out of trouble. He had his moments as usual, but for the most part he was a happy camper as long as he had a hockey stick in his hand.

Saturday was a busy day, with lots of activities. We had the twins' first confession in the morning, Walt's hockey game at noon, and then a pleasant afternoon and evening just hanging out (but of course, Jacob spent that whole time running around!). It didn't leave a lot of time for napping, and other than a half hour or so in the car after church, I couldn't get Jacob to take a break. He was acting like a maniac by about 5, so I finally took him out into a quiet room and rocked him until he nodded off. He ended up napping on me for a good hour and a half. By that point dinner was on the table and I had to take a bathroom break, so I got up and put Jacob down on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. This is how he ended up...
Yeah, I guess he was tired! He didn't get to bed until quite late that night, but slept pretty well...even if he didn't sleep in enough to compensate. But still, I can't complain. He's been doing great lately (knock on wood).

Sunday we had another hockey game for Walt, did a little shopping, then headed back for more family fun. Craig's mom's birthday is this week, so we had an early birthday celebration--a great dinner and cake! While Jacob was playing I was determined to get some pictures of him, but the kid will not smile for the camera! I still did manage a couple cute shots, including this sort of terrible but yet pleasingly abstract attempt at a self-portrait of the two of us.
Jacob was just too focused on his hockey to bother smiling for me. But still, he was such a cutie, especially with his fresh haircut :)
He was even too busy playing hockey to eat dessert both days--Oreo pie on Saturday and red velvet cake with chocolate frosting and cherries, with Cherry Panda Paws ice cream on Sunday. Not sure if that's good or bad...but suffice it to say, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed both very much! All in all we had a very nice weekend, and even managed to get home around 8pm, which was nice considering all of the stuff that was waiting for us at home--unpacking suitcases, laundry, house packing--it never seems to end!

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