Monday, March 29, 2010

The Big Move

I'm not even sure where to begin with this post, but we'll see where it goes. I've had about a million thoughts running through my brain the last few days, some of merely factual things that I wanted to share, some philosophical thoughts, and probably everything in between. So...we're moved in. Unpacking is going slowly, but it will get there. I hope to live in this house for a very long time so I'm not sweating it if the unpacking takes a little while because I want to do it well. As I've mentioned before, I want to do a very thorough unpacking that involves thinking about stuff and where it will best be stored in our new house. A lot has changed in our lifestyle since we moved into our old house, most notably having a child, so there may just be things we never "fixed" after Jacob arrived, because we were used to how it was and it never occurred to us that there might be a better way. A simple example of this is that Jacob had his own cabinet in our old house. All of his sippy cups and food and bowls were in one cabinet, separate from the rest of our stuff. However, in this house, instead of doing one Jacob cabinet, his cups will go with our cups, his bowls will go in the same vicinity as ours, etc. It would have been easy to see the one skinny cabinet in the middle of the kitchen and make it his, but I thought better of it. I've been encouraging Craig to do the same, which probably drives him nuts. However, we just moved a ridiculous amount of stuff, a lot that I know we don't use, and I don't plan on doing it again if/when we decide to torture ourselves like this again down the road. I kept certain things for the move just in case they came in handy in our new home...but if I decide they won't, a lot of stuff will be going. I hope, anyway.

It's been a brutal process from start to finish. Friday wasn't a bad day, for the most part. Our closing went pretty well other than one minor scheduling glitch. The old stove in our basement got picked up by the scrap metal folks for free. The console record player that also came with the old house got rejected by charity for being too old, but they did take the other couple boxes of stuff we purged ahead of time. Jacob's room got packed pretty smoothly for the most part, and after that it started to go downhill. My mom did come in Friday night to help, which was huge. But regardless, packing got very frustrating near the end, and I never really did get it all packed. The movers showed up at 7:30 am on Saturday and I sort of lost control of the situation. My very fragile boxes were loaded on the truck before I knew it, and things I had been planning on packing up a little better ended up on the truck before I knew it. By about 9:30 it felt like noon, but the movers made good time and finished up at least an hour earlier than quoted. Still, those 6.5 hours felt like an eternity. The morning was freezing cold and such a blur. Thankfully we had a lot of help from family and one friend. My dad and Uncle Mark came in in the morning, and our friend Dave came in to help for a couple hours, too. My Uncle Cliff offered up his truck (he had shoulder surgery so he thankfully had an out for the actual move), and my Aunt Lynne and cousin Lori came in in the early afternoon to help with the last (big) bit of stuff. Thank God for everyone's help because I don't think we would have survived without it. Having to move in one day, not to mention with Craig having to go into work once the movers left, was overwhelming. After the movers left we tried to go back into the old house and finish things up. It took a few trips back and forth with everyone's vehicles, but we got it done. Of course, by the end (about 12 hours after the craziness started) I was spent, but I insisted we stay there and finish up the last bit of cleaning, quite frankly because I couldn't bear the thought of having to go back and do anything of substance the next day. All I could take mentally on Sunday was a quick run-through to double check cabinets and closets and grab any remaining things that might have been missed, like mail, outlet covers, a random over the door hook, and, as it turns out, a half a cabinet worth of snacks that were somehow missed. We left the keys and said goodbye. It was sad, but by that point I was ready and I didn't even cry. I suppose that if it was a movie, the last walkthrough would have been one of those montages where a ghostly image of the former contents of each room would have appeared, each portraying a memory. Late nights in Jacob's room, playing in the living room, the satisfaction of finally fitting all of our bedroom furniture in the day we moved in, etc. But with that house goes a lot of stress and potential projects we'll never have to do. Not that our new house won't have its fair share, but let's just say the pressing ones are less (that we know of). It did occur to me at some point in this process that Jacob really made that house a home. I don't think there would be quite the sentimental impact that this move had if Jacob wasn't in the picture. I never really got emotional about my apartments, so I think that he really made the difference.

Speaking of Jacob, it's been an interesting process for him. When he got home from daycare on Friday, I fully expected him to be totally confused when we walked into his room and it was in shambles. His crib was disassembled and most of his stuff had been packed. A pack-n-play sat where his crib was. It didn't even seem to phase him. When I asked where his crib was, he pointed at the pack-n-play without hesitation. He slept pretty good that night (one brief wakeup) and seemed pretty okay until about mid-morning when he completely melted down. My mom tried to calm him with a walk, but no such luck. He was inconsolable for quite a while. I don't know if he was just thrown off by everything, scared about where everything was going, or what. It probably didn't help that his napping and eating was all off-schedule, and that I was stressed out and not particularly available for him. I wanted to be, of course, but I was still packing and disassembling our computer and gigantic desk, among other things, and it didn't really work too well with Jacob's agenda of hanging out and playing hockey. He constantly wanted me to hold him and could only be distracted for so long. As the day went on he seemed to get a little better, but it was hard to deal with when I was on my last nerve. I definitely felt like a terrible parent...and actually, I'm still in that mode a bit. Soon enough, I hope. He seems to have settled into the new house okay. He's been sleeping fine, though it's taken him a little longer to go down both nights. He loves the stairs, of course, and is making the best of the situation. He's still getting into everything and wanting a lot of attention, but who can blame him? This had to be a little jarring. I knew he wouldn't understand when I kept trying to tell him about our new house, but I kept hoping. He seems ok with his room, despite the purple walls and colorful flowered border (it's at least a fun flowered border with lots of circles and stars woven into the pattern, so he likes pointing out that stuff), and the living room will be a nice big room for him once the boxes get out of the way! In the meantime, he'll just play with the boxes, I guess!

I have a lot of unpacking to do in the meantime. So far so good with the house, though we already have a list of questions for the old owners and are a little nervous about how some things will fit. But as a whole we really like it and I think it will work well for us. There's a lot of storage and I am indeed loving the crawl space. Sure, I've banged my head a few times on the way in, but I love putting stuff down there and knowing it's out of the way. Great feeling! I need to keep things in check, though, making sure that we're not just shoving stuff down there and forgetting about it. Like I said, I don't want to move a whole lot of crap next time around! So at this point I'm sure you're dying to see it, right? Well....most of the house is not in photo shape yet, so this is the best you'll get for now, from a rainy Rochester morning...

More to come soon, I promise!

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