Thursday, December 27, 2007


So...if you're here, you already know that Craig and I are expecting a baby! I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to do this, but reading two other blogs from pregnant women for the past few months may have something to do with it (I wasn't looking for pregnant blogs, I swear. I was looking for an update on an editor for Glamour magazine who's had cancer for a few years and I found her blog. Thankfully, she's doing better and the blog focused more on her pregnancy than anything...and that linked to another Glamour contributor who'd been "Storked!" (aka, knocked up)...pregnant or not, they were both interesting reading). If I actually get up the guts to send this link out to people, it'll be a nice way to keep my out-of-town family and friends updated...and if not, it'll be an interesting diary of this experience, assuming I keep it up :)

While I'll do my best to figure out how to post pictures and all that fun stuff (once I have something to show), if nothing else there might be some random thoughts on here for a while. I'll try to keep any gross physical descriptions and particularly uncomfortable topics to a minimum, but no guarantees. After all, when hormones take over, I can make no promises! :)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully I'll post something interesting here once in a while!

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